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How to recover photos from Snapchat

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If you’ve uploaded a snap or posted and ended up losing or not saving it before, you might want to know how to recover photos from Snapchat. Regardless of the reason, we have gathered information on this below; check out!

Is there a way to recover photos from Snapchat?

According to the social network itself, Snapchat’s servers delete any and all content from the moment the deadline set by the user who published it expires or after they are seen.

If a snap has not been opened within 30 days or media has been uploaded in a group and not opened within 24 hours, they will also be deleted from the server. In such cases, there is no official method of recovering this content.

However, there is a way around the situation by trying to access the gallery, the phone’s internal folders or look in the device’s operating system cache files.

View in mobile gallery

If you’ve posted a photo on the social network directly from your gallery, it’s probably still there, whether on an Android phone or iPhone. But if you then deleted it, it’s probably in the Recycle Bin — see where it’s located in Google Photos. Another option is to look for the image in the Google Files recycle bin.

Access Snapchat internal folder on mobile

Android devices usually store the files of certain programs in folders on their internal memory. To access them, you’ll need an app like Google Files, for example.

  1. Open Google Files and tap on “Internal Storage”;
  2. Locate the Snapchat folder and access it;
  3. Try to locate the image in the available folders;

If you can’t, identify files with the extension “.nomedia”, which, although they don’t generate visualization on the cell phone, can be accessed on the PC, for example — just rename them.

Access the system cache folder

In addition to the above options, Android offers a cache folder, where temporary files are stored. In case you didn’t get it using the previous methods, consider going to it to check.

  1. Open the manager and tap on “Internal Storage”;
  2. Tap “Android” and enter “Data”;
  3. Locate the “” folder;
  4. In the “cache” or “files” folder, see if you find what you are looking for.



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