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How to prepare your own hair scrub with coffee to remove all the dirt from your hair

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Although we use various shampoos on our hair, the reality is that in many cases they do not manage to clean in depth. To effectively remove all dirt and chemical residues, you must include hair exfoliation in your hair care routine. For this reason, today we will reveal how you can prepare a homemade hair scrub with coffee.

The hair scrub is a very important step in the hair care routine, since it is responsible for improving its appearance through deep cleaning. Although many brands have dedicated themselves to launching highly effective products on the market, this time we will talk about a mask that you can prepare yourself to obtain the same result. Learn how to use coffee to prepare a homemade scrub that cleans your hair and removes all the dirt.

What is a hair scrub?

Sometimes, even though we clean the hair for days in a row, it continues to get dirty quickly and its growth is impaired. It is very likely that this is because the pores of the scalp are clogged and need proper cleaning.

A hair scrub is a product or treatment that is used to deeply cleanse the scalp and remove all excess dirt. Although we use the shampoo two or three times a week, there are even those who use it more days, the hair can still maintain a wide variety of dirt, chemicals and sebum that are not so easy to remove. For this reason, hair scrubs were created in both homemade versions and branded products.

Performing an exfoliation on the hair is related to a series of benefits for it, from promoting correct growth, to improving shine and reducing excess sebum in the area. This is because by removing all the residue that can clog the pores, the hair will be able to absorb the nutrients from the products in an effective way and will keep it healthier. Know all the benefits of hair exfoliation.

How to prepare a coffee hair scrub?

To improve the appearance of your hair and remove all the dirt effectively, you can prepare your own hair scrub with a star ingredient: coffee. These ground grains have a large number of properties and a texture that allows them to fulfill the function of exfoliating. In fact, for this reason it is widely included in skin treatments, but this time we will only focus on hair.


In a container, add a tablespoon of coffee, along with one of honey and shampoo. Integrate all the ingredients very well until you obtain a homogeneous mixture and you will have your hair scrub ready. Make sure to brew it right before you use it to keep the coffee grounds from completely dissolving. It is not recommended to save for other occasions, therefore, small amounts are used to avoid excess.

Before shampooing and rinsing your hair, wet it and apply the hair scrub to the scalp with gentle circular massages. Keep this step for 5 minutes, focusing only on the aforementioned area since it should not be used on the rest of the hair. When the time has elapsed and you manage to evenly cover the entire scalp, remove with plenty of water until you have no more particles in your hair.

After the exfoliation, you can continue with your washing routine and you can even apply the shampoo twice to make sure you remove all the homemade mask. Although it benefits the healthy appearance of the hair, this step can only be done once a month, since on the contrary it could affect and irritate the scalp.

Follow the steps correctly and do not use it more than the recommended times to benefit the appearance of your hair. Exfoliation can be used on any type of hair and will be of great help in preventing excess sebum production in the area.



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