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How to install and configure Kodi on Android and TV Box?

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Kodi is one of the multiplatform services that we can install on our Android for television or also TV Box. This latest device is used to enjoy the best entertainment like Netflix on our screens. However, its installation is not something that is very clear to any user. In this article we will show you the best tutorial to get access to channels, movies and much more on Kodi easily and simply.

Tutorial to install Kodi on TV Box

This process is the most fundamental, but that does not mean that it is difficult, in fact, it is one of the simplest steps that you can perform. The first thing you should do is the corresponding connection of your TV Box to your television. Usually it ‘s via an HDMI cable and setting that mode on your device. Once everything is connected, you will need to download Kodi.

The app for this service is cross-platform, that means it is available on various systems. For example, if your TV Box is Android, you can download the Kodi app from the Play Store. A large part of these devices have this operating system, which makes it easier to use multimedia and entertainment apps.

When installing the application, you can create an access with your own user , although this is optional. However, with a profile on Kodi it is much easier to access various customization features. Depending on your TV Box, certain parameters may need to be modified for the apps to run correctly. Similarly, on many occasions this is usually automatic.

How to set up Kodi on Android and TV Box

Once you have installed this multiplatform application for your TV, you will have to adjust various aspects that suit your taste and consumption style. With the use of your user you can customize different elements that will be saved in your access information. This is of great advantage, since certain settings will be adapted on any device where you log in with your Kodi account.

There are many components that you can configure from the app of this multimedia service, in fact, other tools can be installed. Usually, the most common problem when just downloading Kodi is that it is in English by default. This can be a pretty confusing impediment, but it’s still not that hard to change. Here are some settings you can apply.

Change the app language

To perform this action successfully, you must have a good connection so that the changes can be saved correctly. To change the language of Kodi on your TV you have to follow the following tutorial:

  1. Enter the gear icon at the bottom right or left of the screen. This usually varies depending on the version of Android that the device has.
  2. In a new settings menu, go to ‘Interface Settings’. In other presentations it usually appears as ‘Apperance’.
  3. Click on the ‘Language’ section and locate the ‘Spanish’ option, click on that item and wait for the language pack to download.
  4. Restart the app for the settings to be saved. Sometimes you must access again with the user.

With this change you can enjoy the best multimedia entertainment content on your TV. If you have a Sony Smart TV, you can install the Play Store and thus download Kodi to enjoy all its services and functions.

Set the region you are in to save your time zone

Another aspect to take into account is the adjustment of the geographical position so that your watch is coordinated to the time of your country. This is vital, because if you have a messy schedule, certain apps will not run and may even become unusable. In the same way, it is not such a serious problem, you just have to follow the following tutorial that we present to you:

  1. Access the gear icon in one of the corners of the main menu.
  2. Click on the ‘Interface Settings’ option. Then, go to the ‘Regional’ section.
  3. Choose the time that suits your country, in general, the name of the capital of your nation usually appears.
  4. Confirm the settings and click ‘OK’. As with the language setting, you must have a good internet connection and, sometimes, restart the app so that the changes are saved.

In this way you can enjoy your movies in your native language, although several Kodi apps also allow you to use other languages. With the adjustment of your region, those TV channels that are in your language and even some that are from your own country will appear.

Install and configure Kodi from Android

There are several televisions that come with this operating system by default, which means that it is not necessary to use a TV Box. All you have to do is install the Kodi app from the Play Store and start changing certain aspects. The same language and region settings are made, but on an Android TV there is the option to install Add-ons.

These components greatly enhance the experience of consuming channels, movies, or any content from Kodi. It is possible to download some that are official and others created by third parties, but in the same way they are all efficient and safe. In addition, these elements are very broad and can range from a simple screensaver to an application to view free content.

There are several categories that you can use depending on your tastes and needs. That is, you can customize your Kodi user in many ways to have the best components and services.

Add-ons that forman leaves from Kodi

Among the ‘plugins’ there are several categories that you can choose freely. However, we recommend installing the IPVanish Add-on, which serves as a VPN to access all content from any country. Among the categories of Add-ons available on Kodi are:

  • Music and video players.
  • Official services from companies like YouTube, Adult Swim, Twitch, Soundcloud, and more.
  • Entertainment channels like sports, movies, and live shows. Among the best known are DAZN, Bassfox, Tecno TV, Palantir and many more.
  • Apps to enhance menus, photo viewer, mainframe themes, karaoke apps and the like.

Install available plugins that you like

To run this type of program on Kodi, you must follow a series of specific steps, which we present below:

  1. In the main menu, access the Add-ons icon, which is identified by an open box.
  2. Click on the ‘ Install from repository’ option. Then, a series of categories will be loaded that you can choose and download easily.
  3. You can use the ‘Browse’ button, type in a specific addon and install it directly on your Kodi interface.
  4. After downloading any of these components, you will need to restart the application for all changes to be saved.

It is also possible to install the Add-ons from a compressed file in ZIP format. You can move these to a storage on your TV Box or Android and then search for them from the Kodi app. However, you have to be careful with those plugins that are not in the official repositories, as they can be malicious.


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