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How to get adventure diaries in Diablo Immortal: what they are and what they are for

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We tell you everything that is known about the adventure diaries that you can get in Diablo Immortal, the free to play mobile and PC now available.

The story is not the only thing that will help us progress in Diablo Immortal, the new game in the saga covers a large amount of content and therefore it is important to know what objects, items or paths open the doors to more things to do in the game. play.

One of those items is the adventure diaries that, specifically, allow you to unlock the elite missions in Diablo Immortal . Here we tell you everything you need to know:

How to get adventure diaries in Diablo Immortal: what they are and what they are for
Basically, the adventure journals in Diablo Immortal are very rare items that will allow you to access special missions where you can get better and more interesting rewards.

Once you have found them, you can spend them in Westmarch at a specific merchant to unlock these elite missions that we mentioned. How can these adventure diaries be obtained? At the moment there are two ways:

  • These can be a reward for completing certain objectives and milestones in the Codex
  • They can also be a reward for reaching specific Paragon levels.

Also, it is known that you can get one by reaching level 60 and completing the game’s story. There is quite a bit of obscurity around adventure journals, but for now, those are the methods of getting hold of them.

And once you have them you will have to go south of Westmarch to talk to the NPC Taite . So you can exchange these obtained journals for elite missions.

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