Thursday, December 1, 2022
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How to Engage With Customers in the Digital Age?

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All shopping experiences, including conversational experiences, must have a factor that generates customer satisfaction.
The day to day of users is based on being constantly connected, constantly asking questions and looking for faster and faster answers. This applies to all fields, including marketing and sales. However, in shopping this rule is conspicuous by its absence. Buyers prefer a “close relationship and conversational experiences, although there is a high degree of digitization,” explains Jaime Navarro, CEO of GUS.

Most studies on social networks state that more than 84% of the time people spend on a screen are inside a social network or an instant messaging application, talking with their families, but also with brands. So common are these types of communications that WhatsApp has the WhatsApp Business Platform, which allows companies to hold conversations with consumers. A function similar to the one offered by GUS, which uses Artificial Intelligence to create a fluid conversation between brands and customers.

However, having the right conversation tools is not enough. The really important thing is still customer satisfaction. Navarro recommends “finding out what your client wants and in what presentation you should give it to him.” In addition, he adds that “the final product or service is important, but you should also think about the memory that the shopping experience leaves behind. Interacting with a brand through WhatsApp should feel as easy and natural as talking to a friend.”

This is the reason why GUS tries to adapt to the channels where users are safer today, social networks. Brands will have to adapt to this new commercial route, since commerce through networks will continue to grow.


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