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How to complete End of Trials quest in Lost Ark

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As you make your way through the Lost Ark, you will find many quests and tasks to keep you busy. Most of the questlines require you to run across the continent, chasing down clues and rumors from NPCs along the way. One of these questlines culminates in the End of Trials quests, which can be a bit tricky to unlock but are easy once you unlock them.

If you’re having trouble completing End of Trials, here’s everything you need to get going.

How to complete End of Trials

The first thing to remember with the quests in the Lost Ark is that almost all of them have prerequisites to complete before you can take them on. In the case of End of Trials there is only one task that you need to complete ahead of time and that is the Shandi’s Trial: The Path of Valor however that is certainly a more intense quest than this.

To start the End of Trials , talk to Zinnervale at Illusion Bamboo Island. he is located at Point 1 on the map above. The bamboo twig you got as part of that previous quest is now the key to moving forward. Just walk a few meters to Point 2 on the map above and place the twig on the stone barrier. This will trigger a short cutscene, but at the end you will have completed the End of Trials quest. Simple, right?

You’re not done yet, adventurer. Completing this task may be the end of a story, but it is only the beginning of several others in the Lost Ark. Not to mention finding all those valuable Mokoko Seeds on Illusion Bamboo Island.


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