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How to Clean the Exterior Marble: the Easy Remedies

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Cleaning the external marble is one of the types of cleaning to pay attention to, both during the year and for spring cleaning. In fact, the coating of windowsills, balconies and garden or outdoor furniture is exposed to dust and leaves that can accumulate in the corners, and to atmospheric agents such as rain.


At a basic cleaning level , keep an eye out for dust and leaf build-up, so dust with a soft cloth or sweep the dirt off with a small, soft-bristled broom. When needed, you can moisten a soft cloth, squeeze it well and wipe it over the marble.
For deeper cleansing , you can choose from some grandma’s remedies such as castile soap dissolved in water and baking soda which you can apply with a damp sponge or in the form of batter, indicated if there are stubborn stains. Alternatively, you can rate specific products.
But, among the home remedies, absolutely avoid acidic ingredients such as vinegar, lemon, citric acid which can corrode and damage the marble.
After cleaning the exterior marble, dry the surface. To polish it, she tries to pass a woolen cloth over it.
Also, consider applying a product like beeswax to make the exterior marble waterproof.
In any case, test each remedy, ingredient, product and tool on a small hidden spot before cleaning the entire surface of the external marble.


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