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How to Clean Baseboards in 3 Steps

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Cleaning the baseboards is certainly part of the extraordinary spring cleaning , and we can also dust them periodically, since seeing the dark stripes along the edges of the upholstery is unpleasant.

Cleaning baseboards can also be boring because we have to bend over. Therefore, try using tools with a long handle or bent at the knees or use a small banquet. In short, take advantage of the advice we have collected in this article on back pain and house cleaning.


Here’s how to organize the cleaning of baseboards. In general, at each step, clean the floor to avoid mess:

1) First, remove dust , hair and dirt. You can use a broom, a brush, a rectangular floor cloth, a vacuum cleaner. Start at one corner and make your way to the other corner in one direction.

2) For extraordinary cleaning, clean the skirting boards with a solution of water and dish detergent or with a detergent suitable for the materials (wood, marble, ceramic, etc.). For each cleansing and staining remedy you choose, try somewhere hidden.

In any case, wring out the cloth well and wipe from bottom to top. He evaluates to “rinse” with another cloth, always well wrung out.

3) Dry the skirting boards with another dry cloth that does not produce lint on contact with the surface.

As an added step, you might consider doing a clean with dryer sheets which may prevent or limit dust.


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