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How to Activate and Deactivate Recording on Chaturbate?

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Learn how to activate recording for private shows on Chaturbate and keep your users as a souvenir, as well as deactivate said option.

Many users have always wanted to have a memory of the moment they spend with their favorite model in a private show. Happily, Chaturbate allows a user to take a recording with them and save it to the user’s “Collection” . Within the «Collection» , the user can watch the video as many times as he wants in «Saved private broadcasts» to remember the beautiful moment he had with his favorite model.

How to activate and deactivate recording on Chaturbate?

However, the model must enable said recording option for the user to take a copy. You can do this in the following way:

1. Click on your account on the top right and select the “My Profile” option.

2. Select the “Settings and Privacy” tab.

3. Locate the “Private broadcast settings” section and where it says “Allow recordings of private broadcasts” verify that it is set to “Yes”.

4. Finally go to the bottom of the page and hit the “Update Settings” button to apply the changes.

What do users prefer from models?

  • Users will mostly prefer models that have the “Recording” option enabled . It is like a fetish to have a memory of the pleasant moment you have lived with the model and to have the largest possible collection.

Can I put another price for those users who want a recording?

  • No, but you can negotiate with the user a price for «Without recording» and another price «With recording» . You will have to be constantly changing the price per minute of the private.

How to disable recording on Chaturbate?

  • Simply repeat the steps above, but in step 3 where it says “Allow recordings of private broadcasts” verify that it is set to “No . Finally click on “Update settings” and that’s it.

What happens to the recorded videos if I delete my Chaturbate account?

  • If you decide to delete your Chaturbate account , the recorded videos in users’ collections will not be deleted and will remain until the user decides to delete them.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful and do not forget to leave your comment if you have any questions or queries.


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