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How much did Christian Nodal pay to cover his tattoo in honor of Belinda?

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Christian Nodal removes Belinda’s last tattoo.

Christian Nodal has caused a lot of controversy in recent weeks and after exposing his ex-girlfriend Belindawith the publication of a conversation they had when they were still dating, it became known that the last one was deleted tattoo that he had in honor of the singer and the studio where the procedure was performed released the details.

In The Truth News We recently let you know that Christian Nodal removed Belinda’s last tattoo and earned the reaction of his former mother-in-law.

The last tattoo that the Mexican regional singer had of his ex-fiancée, was referring to a musical theme.

Tattoos by Christian Nodal
Christian Nodal covers his “Utopia” tattoo

In an interview for the “Ventaneando” program, the singer’s tattoo artist spoke about the tattoo that was made to cover the one he already had.

“I honestly realized today how much it meant that he had gotten this tattoo,” she said.

In the same way, he affirmed that Christian Nodal told him that he wanted a cherry blossom on his forehead and that he wanted Catalina, the tattoo artist’s daughter, to make one on his hand.

Let us remember that her little daughter named Catalina, at just 10 years old, gave her a heart-shaped tattoo.

How much did Christian Nodal pay for his new tattoo?

How much did Nodal pay for his new tattoo?

The tattoo artist was questioned about the price that the Mexican regional singer, Christian Nodal, paid to tattoo the one he already had.

Christian Araya, the tattoo artist, assured that he did not want to charge Christian Nodal anything for covering his “Utopia” tattoo, however the singer took out a fist of bills and gave it to Catalina, who made a green heart in his hand.

Let’s remember that Christian Nodal got four tattoos in honor of Belindaalthough after his love break he has been covering them up.


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