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How Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer Met

The singer and actress Danna Paola is in a love relationship with Alex Hoyer, with whom she shares a love for music.

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To the surprise of many, It was confirmed that Danna Paola and Alex Hoyer are dating after he has given some statements about it, assuring that he is in a relationship with the Mexican. In addition, he gave more details about it and assured that both are very happy even if people do not see them at events or in publications in social media.

And it is that the young couple has never appeared together in any activity and in their social profiles they do not share snapshots either, so the confirmation of the love between them has surprised locals and strangers even though the rumors had started last year.


During an event held in Mexico City, Alex Hoyer was asked about Danna Paola and confirmed what already seemed to be an open secret. In the same way, the young singer assured that the intention of the two is not to remain hidden and that this is something that occurred naturally.

“For us, keeping something private that came so naturally and that we value very much is mega important”, were some of the words of Alex Hoyer.

However, the Mexican artist has not ruled out that in the future they can share some publications on their social networks and thus tell their love story in front of their followers.

“We have quite a relationship for us and that is the beautiful thing, and at the moment that you want to share something, that you want to give more access to this part, I tell you, it is something personal, because it will be done in the way, with pleasure”, he pointed out.

“For us, keeping something private that came so naturally and that we value very much is mega important”, were some of the words of Alex Hoyer.


At the end of 2020, when some images of the two singers together began to emerge, the medium TVNotas, exclusively, published information confirming the relationship and a dialogue with an alleged person very close to the two, who gave details of the love that both began to feel.

According to this anonymous insider, they met through a mutual friend who is also related to music. Since then, they were friends and then something more than that began to emerge.

“They met through a mutual friend, the producer and singer-songwriter Saak, 25, with whom she has made several songs like ‘Sodio’ and ‘Contigo’. First they became good friends, then love arose, and then she decided to give it a try,” the insider said.

Then in 2021 they were caught together on a vacation in Ibiza, Spain. In those images they were seen on a yacht giving each other many emotional displays and enjoying the European summer.


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