How and Why Bad Bunny ended up in WWE Wrestlemania?

How and Why Bad Bunny ended up in WWE Wrestlemania?

The recent Wrestlemania, the biggest Wrestling event of the Year, was nothing more than a shock to many wrestling and non-wrestling fans. And the reason? BAD BUNNY!

Yes, Bad Bunny literally created a history at the 37th edition of WWE Wrestlemania, which took place at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa.

Although his debut at Wrestlemania was already pretty much speculated on WWE’s social media handles, but no one could have predicted that he is not only going to fight at wrestlemania, but even win a match there.

And not just that, he not only wrestled, but wrestled as a totally professional wrestler, and that’s what shocked the WWE Fans in particular.

Everyone had thought that it’s going to be just ‘another celebrity wrestling match with poor script’, but the match turned out to be completely opposite of that.

Bad Bunny showed some really gigantic and athletic moves, like his supposed finishing move ‘The Bunny Destroyer’ with which he won the match.

As we already know, it was a Tag-team match, Bad Bunny was accompanied by the Puerto-rican wrestler Damian Priest, and on the other side were The Miz and John Morrison.

But now the question which is in every wrestling and non-wrestling fan’s mind is- How Bad Bunny ended up in WWE Wrestlemania? I mean he is a Singer, an Artist, so why he wrestled at the Wrestlemania Event?

Well I tell you, it is no more a secret. You might be unaware of this, but Bad Bunny is a Huge Wrestling Fan. Yes, he has been a big wrestling fan ever since his childhood. It was his childhood dream to enter the ring at least once and win a match.

And he himself revealed this during one of his instagram live session.

Now there is another thing, you must have seen that how suddenly a rivalry started between The Miz and Bad Bunny, and how that rivalry ended up straight in main Wrestlemania tournament.

And that is how the entire series of events started, it was actually a script right from the beginning to the end.

The WWE Managers, when they came in contact with Bad Bunny, they had to prepare a conventional script to make everything look natural, so they chose The Miz and made him part of the script to start a conflict with Bad Bunny.

Hence, as we saw, The Miz and Bad Bunny started having verbal fights weeks before the main Wrestlemania event, and not just that, they also had a physical altercation.

So all these things were happening as per the script, everything went smoothly and the result? Bad Bunny at the main Wrestlemania event!

And this is how the ‘Celebrity’ Wrestling Events take place, what is needed is a famous Artist with an strong interest in WWE, the rest is done by the WWE Crew themselves.

So now you know how the scripting of all these matches happen. Nevertheless, what other Celebrities would you like to see in WWE? Do let us know.


Important: All the Wrestling Events happen after proper training for the same. All the Wrestlers are trained for months for these fights. So do not try these at your home, all this is for entertainment only, not for performing at your own homes.

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