Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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Honda bets on zero emissions with the new Civic

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A spacious and aerodynamic sedan equipped with a 184-horsepower hybrid engine

Civic is a myth within the Honda brand and, without a doubt, its reference model. It is no coincidence that, since the launch of its first model under this name half a century ago, twenty-seven and a half million units have been sold worldwide. 3.4 million of them in Europe and 145,000 in Spain. Now comes the eleventh generation, which incorporates a hybrid mechanism that yields a power of 184 horses. A model that will go on sale in October and whose price starts at 32,100 euros.

2022 Honda Civic
2022 Honda Civic

As we have pointed out, the new Civic incorporates a hybrid engine, following the policy of the Japanese company that has proposed zero emissions for the year 2050, not selling cars with combustion engines in 2040 and that five years earlier, in 2035, the 80% of its cars are electric. In this decade, Honda aims to sell 30 million electric cars. This Civic is located in segment C of the market, one of the most important by number of sales and which represents 16% of total registrations in Spain, that is, about 130,000 units. Of these, hybrids currently account for a quarter of sales, but they have a clearly upward trend and it is estimated that in two years they will already represent more than a third of the total.

To be one of the protagonists of this piece of the cake, the Civic is presented as a “hatchback” sedan body, that is, with a rear part similar to that of a coupé, but with great interior roominess. A wide and spacious car that measures 4.55 meters long, 1.80 wide and 1.41 high. That is, one of the largest cars in its category. And with the advantage that the wheelbase has increased by three and a half centimeters, which has a positive effect on both passenger comfort and the volume of the trunk, which now rises to 410 litres.

The manufacturer has improved some important details with respect to the previous version, such as the engineering of the chassis, now 3 cm longer and 22% more rigid, or the greater lightness of the whole, to which the fact that the tailgate butt is made of resin. The fact of hybridization has not reduced space inside since the batteries are located in the lowest part of the chassis, thus improving stability by lowering the center of gravity.

Within the tradition of the Japanese brand, the Civic is equipped with all the systems both for efficient connectivity and to enjoy the best Bose sound with 12 speakers and driving aids, among which we will highlight, within the central screen of 10.2 inches, a rear cross traffic alert, emergency braking with vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection or adaptive cruise control with traffic jam assistant.

As far as the mechanical part is concerned, it incorporates a direct injection gasoline engine, with a displacement of 2.0 liters, and two electric motors, all together with a CVT transmission. The driver has three operating modes that change on their own: EV for use of only electric motors; Hybrid for the joint use of combustion and electricity and Engine, for the exclusive use of combustion. The power of the set reaches 184 horses with which, in addition to good performance, such as acceleration from 0 to 100 in just 7.8 seconds with very moderate consumption: 4.7 liters on average over 100 kilometers.


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