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What if You Take a Cold Shower and Have High Blood Pressure?

Taking a bath is a recommended activity to relax the body.

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At the end of the day, a very enjoyable activity is to take a shower and let the body relax. Experts have said it before, bathing is a fundamental step in the routine, due to its various benefits to keep the body clean, prevent the development of diseases due to contact with germs on a daily basis, but also to promote mental well-being .

But can it also have an effect on blood pressure? Before answering the question, it should be said that there are those who defend the benefits of using water at a certain temperature, there is a group in favor of cold and others in favor of heat, for the body.

However, in the precise case of blood pressure, the balance tends to tip towards cold water. As explained in an article in the society section of the ABC newspaper, the main difference between choosing one temperature or another is in the condition that you want to improve from the shower. Thus, hot water is recommended for those who want to relieve fatigue, stress and heaviness before going to sleep, for example, while cold water should be the preferred option for those who need to stimulate the body.

The second case applies to hypertension, they point out from the Axa Health Keeper portal, who explain that in this way blood circulation is favored, which positively affects blood flow to the organs, with the benefits that this implies.

In addition, it is attributed a beneficial effect to reduce high levels of blood pressure, that is, the force that is exerted on the lining of the arteries.

Faced with this trick, it is necessary to point out that professionals suggest that cold baths only be practiced by those who suffer from high blood pressure and weather conditions allow it, in other words, using water at low temperatures during winter may not be the best idea if you want to avoid a cold. Cold bathing is also not recommended for those with serious heart disease.

A strategy that can be useful, details the Better with Health portal, is to adapt the body to the change in temperature and not expose itself to sudden cold. In this sense, and in the measures of the possibilities, it is recommended to start by changing the hot water for lukewarm, and from there gradually gradually until it comes out colder.

It is also necessary to bear in mind that to regulate blood pressure it is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle, not just bathe in cold water. According to the American Heart Association, certain factors can be considered risk factors for hypertension. These include excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, obesity, a sedentary lifestyle and other basic health conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease.

Blood pressure is considered high when it is above 140/90 mm of mercury, a measure that is used to evaluate the normal ranges of this action of the body.

“It must be borne in mind that blood pressure values ​​do not remain unchanged throughout the day, but rather fluctuate depending on different factors,” they add from the Mayo Clinic. Therefore, in line with prevention, the ideal is to consult a doctor to make sure that blood pressure is within normal limits and rule out any major complications.

To maintain heart health, it is also essential to try to keep stress aside, because this emotional factor can also negatively affect blood pressure and health in general.


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