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Hard blow for Armie Hammer: his father, the tycoon Michael Armand Hammer, died at the age of 67

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The present of Armie Hammer passes far from the lights and honeys of Hollywood: accused of rape and explaining through disturbing text messages sent to different women his tendency to cannibalism, the actor now spends his days in the Cayman Islands, trying to keep a low profile, surrounded by his closest relatives. However, the tranquility that he seemed to have achieved was severely shaken at the end of last week: his father, the tycoon Michael Armand Hammer, one of his main pillars in this stage of detoxification, died of cancer at 67 years old.

According to the TMZ portal, the medium that released the news, the businessman, grandson of oil tycoon Armand Hammer, who headed Occidental Petroleum Corporation, died last Sunday.

Hammer and his then-wife Dru Ann Mobley became the parents of the Call Me By Your Name star in 1986 and then had Viktor two years later.

The businessman served as a supervisor for the Hammer International Foundation, the Armand Hammer Foundation and also owned numerous businesses including Hammer Galleries and Hammer Productions, a film and television production company. He also served on the Investment Committee and the Board of Reference for Oral Roberts University.

The mighty Hammer dynasty is familiar to most Americans, but its members’ story broke to the rest of the world earlier this year when Discovery+ premiered the documentary series House of Hammer, based on the alleged Hammer crimes. generation after generation.

The docuseries, directed by Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs, also features testimony from Casey Hammer, Armie’s aunt and sister to the recently deceased oil tycoon. “Multiply what happens in the Succession series a million times. That’s how my family was”, she is heard saying by way of introduction. And she adds: “If you believe in making deals with the devil, the Hammers are at the top of the totem pole.”

“Each generation of my family was involved in dark affairs and it just got worse and worse. I know my grandfather had it, but I saw the dark side of my father firsthand. And I saw my brother’s. He was like a monster released. Now it’s Armie. I let the Hammers control me generation after generation, but it’s time to stop, “says the woman.

A complicated dynasty

The actor’s great-great-grandfather, Julius Hammer, was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for first-degree murder in 1919, after having performed an abortion on the wife of a Russian diplomat who died days after the intervention. Also, his son Armand Hammer was linked to scams and would have been a Soviet spy.

The man married Olga Vadina Von Root, with whom he had Julian, the eldest son of the family and Armie’s grandfather, who was also in the news at the time, after having shot a friend to death, in the middle of a fight over a gambling debt, when he was 26 years old.

Julian had two children, Michael and Casey, the actor’s aunt and who provides his testimony in the series. The woman revealed that she was sexually abused by her father when she was a child. “He was a methamphetamine-addicted, alcoholic man who was in and out of mental institutions for most of my life,” she stated in her autobiographical book called Surviving My Birthright.

On the other hand, Michael Armand Hammer, father of the actor, was involved in a lawsuit for the alleged sale of a fake Jackson Pollock painting for 17 million dollars. The family gallery was accused of having earned more than 70 million dollars selling 63 forgeries of works limited to abstract expressionism. In addition, Hammer’s father used alcohol and drugs frequently and would have had a tendency to sexual fetishes that his own son was not unaware of.


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