Thursday, December 1, 2022
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GTA Online: Liberty City Coming Summer? The Doubtful Rumor Explodes on the Net

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With the recent landing on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S , Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online will continue to be a certainty of the gaming landscape for a long time, at least until the curtain is finally raised on GTA 6 officially confirmed by Rockstar Games.

This means that, at least for GTA Online, several other contents and maybe even real expansions could arrive in the near future. And according to dubious rumors, Rockstar has something very big in the pipeline. According to leaker Matheusbr9895 , known however for not being a totally reliable source, the company is preparing to include as a new map none other than Liberty City , the iconic location of classics of the series such as GTA III and GTA IV.

The arrival of Liberty City as a game scenario has long been requested by fans of the series and players of GTA Online, and even in the past there have been rumors in this sense that, however, have never materialized as we have seen. Matheusbr9895 over time has got some advances right but just as many wrong, and in his Tweet he simply says that a big change is coming for GTA Online next summer, adding an emoticon depicting the Statue of Liberty (remember that Liberty City is inspired by the real New York ).

That the beloved city is really about to arrive or is it just another little credible rumor? Meanwhile , GTA Online’s Plus membership doesn’t appeal to gamers , who have strongly criticized Rockstar for this decision.


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