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God of War: What Are the Nine Realms Called?

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After the war against the Gods of Olympus narrated in the Greek saga of God of War , Kratos moved to the far North, experiencing new adventures across the Nine Realms with his son Atreus . This is what all the kingdoms present are called, which we will also revisit in God of War Ragnarok.

  • Alfheim : kingdom of the Elves, located in the middle of the skies just like Asgard.
  • Asgard : kingdom of the Aesir, the gods who form the majority of the Norse pantheon.
  • Helheim : realm of the Dead . Unlike Valhalla, it is not reserved for those who fell with honor.
  • Jotunheim : kingdom of the Giants , considered outside the sphere of order.
  • Midgard : abode of Humans and mortal beings, erected in the center of the other eight realms.
  • Muspelheim : kingdom of fire and the giant Surtr , which we will meet in God of War Ragnarok.
  • Niflheim : kingdom of ice shrouded in a cursed fog, born from the wrath of Odin .
  • Svartalfheim : kingdom of the Dwarves . It is described as a dark place illuminated by their forges.
  • Vanaheim : Kingdom of the Vanir , the family of gods devoted to magic and rivals of the Aesir.

Finally, in case you want to deepen the subject in view of the expected sequel, here are some details regarding the exploration of the Nine Realms in God of War Ragnarok . Furthermore, on the pages of Everyeye you will also find a special dedicated to the Norse mythology proposed in God of War .


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