Monday, December 5, 2022
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Genshin Impact: a cosplay of The Lady with its striking elegance

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There are few characters who have entered the public’s mind Genshin Impact but not being playable. If the cast of characters obtainable and therefore usable during the various game sessions will continue to expand with the inclusion of Shikanoin in the next update, the enemies who manage to steal the heart are few.

Among the non-playable NPCs – and who may never join the group of protagonists – there is La Signora, aka the Fair Lady, a blonde woman with one eye always covered who has several prominent roles in some Genshin Impact quests. The dress and the way in which she wears it is very similar to Venetian and Renaissance Italian clothing in general, therefore to the works of the 1500s. An elegant dress that combines with an aspect that she infatuates with. This of course before she transforms into the real Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, Crimson Witch of Embers which makes her scarlet and much more monstrous.

Cosplayer Takomayu decided to play this Genshin Impact character that players have encountered at least once throughout the story. This Fair Lady cosplay The Lady manages to express the same charm as those of the game. Recently, however, there was a cosplay of Rosaria gelida.


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