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This Pokémon game on Nintendo 3DS will soon end support

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The Pokémon franchise is so big that it has dabbled in a lot of genres outside of the Japanese RPG. Years ago, The Pokémon Company launched an interesting Candy Crush-style proposal on Nintendo 3DS that unfortunately is close to receiving support.

We are talking about Pokémon Shuffle, a free-to-play developed by the Genius Sonority studio and distributed in 2015 by Nintendo through the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo handheld console.

In subsequent years, Genius Sonority released additional content for the game through free updates, such as levels and Pokémon such as Mega Evolutions, rare creatures, and Ultra Beasts. With the release of Marshadow in 2018, the studio stopped releasing more content.

However, to date it continues to work with daily activities and more content that is renewed by rotation.

When will Pokémon Shuffle be forgotten on Nintendo 3DS?

The bad news is that The Pokémon Company announced that it will permanently stop supporting the title on the Nintendo 3DS.

According to the details (via Serebii), the game’s end of service is scheduled for March 31, 2023, just a few days after the Nintendo 3DS Nintendo eShop officially closed on March 27 of that year. .

The above does not mean that the title will no longer be playable, but rather that it will continue to be available to all players who have downloaded it, but the content will vary depending on the user. As part of this cessation of operations, no player will be able to receive daily login bonuses, play ranked tiers, or download event tier information.

Will it be possible to continue playing Pokémon Shuffle on mobile?
That said, players who have not yet downloaded all the content have a very tight time to do so before the agreed date arrives. Event levels used to rotate and included levels of rare or special Pokémon that couldn’t be obtained normally, but before that the player had to beat them in the level and then capture them in order to use their power in other levels.

Fortunately, players who want to continue playing it will be able to do so on mobile phones, because, although Pokémon Shuffle originally debuted on Nintendo 3DS, half a year later it also came to mobile phones and that version will continue to operate without problems. Of course, you must take into account that if your progress is in the Nintendo 3DS version, there will be no way to transfer your progress to the mobile version, since they are separate versions and there is no way to link the save files.

What do you think about this news? Did you get to play Pokémon Shuffle? Tell us in the comments.


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