Monday, October 3, 2022
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The new PS5 model has been redesigned inside and consumes less energy

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Youtuber Austin Evans opens the new PS5 model and discovers that it has a new motherboard that reduces consumption by between 20 and 30 watts, although it still generates the same noise and heat.

At the end of August we reported that Sony PlayStation had launched a new PlayStation 5 model called CFI-1200, which is lighter than previous revisions of the current console. In order to discover how much the internal distribution of the components has changed, the youtuber Austin Evans has gutted the new model and has been surprised that the new PS5 is much more different than previously thought. Broadly speaking, the user has discovered that Sony uses a new smaller motherboard for PS5, in addition to a different cooling system and even a change in the SSD housing.

Although there are no appreciable changes on the outside, these internal changes have helped lighten the weight of the system. The secret of this weight reduction is, as we have already highlighted, in the new motherboard, which is two inches smaller than the previous one, and the new cooling system, which has an additional heat pipe in the back and a smaller heatsink. As Evans has pointed out, the CFI-1200 model’s motherboard and heatsink weigh around 2.5 pounds, which is one pound less than the original design. These changes, in addition to others that we will detail below, allow this model to consume between 20 and 30 watts less, although it still generates the same amount of noise and heat.

Changes in component layout and SSD case

In the same video, the youtuber points out that Sony has drastically changed the distribution of some components due to the new motherboard. The most noticeable change has to do with the CMOS battery, which is hidden under the heatsink in this model. In previous models, the CMOS battery was exposed, something that made it easy to replace, although Evans says that those who want to replace it in the new model will be forced to completely disassemble the PS5.

Regarding the new enclosure for SSD storage, Evans notes that it no longer has a full-length printed circuit board, and instead has exposed metal. The youtuber speculates that this change could help improve heat dissipation.


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