Friday, September 30, 2022
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Skull & Bones resurfaces at Ubisoft

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The Skull & Bones project resurfaces at Ubisoft both in terms of leaks and in terms of official communication around the title.

After several years of development, Skull & Bones could finally be officially released.

Several leaks have recently taken place regarding Ubisoft’s pirate battleship game, including a 4-minute tutorial from the game’s alpha. In the video that has since been removed, you could learn the basics of the game, including the main objective: to go from simple sailor to feared pirate captain.

The player can achieve this by completing contracts and carrying out side quests, exploring the oceans, looting trade ships or hunting for treasures. A level of infamy will govern the progress of the player: the higher it is, the more he will have access to gameplay elements: quests and equipment.

Faced with the deluge of leaks, Ubisoft said in a tweet that we had to “keep our eyes on the horizon” because the Skull & Bones black pavilion could finally appear in the coming weeks.


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