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Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub 8TB HDD Review

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The most complete storage solution for content creator gamers

Storage systems have evolved a lot in recent times but something is confirmed, each of these technologies are created for certain types of work. This time we have to review the FireCuda Gaming Hub with 8TB of storage from our friends at Seagate.

Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub 8TB HDD
Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub 8TB HDD

This Gaming Hub is as its name suggests, for gamers. It is for those content creators looking to perform with a lot of style and quality. Without leaving aside the functions and features that this Hard Drive promises. Before continuing, I imagine that many wondered about the need to use an HDD and not an SSD for reading purposes and of course price.

Having a vast storage with new technologies in this case solid state drives is quite expensive and the more TB of storage you have, the more complicated the matter becomes. For gamers some things don’t exactly require a high speed drive, you just need the storage to get the job done. The same thing happens with gameplay videos that you decide to record or those single-player games that really make you have a good time and you don’t need that super speed to load textures and others.

Before continuing to break down the review, let’s learn a little about the characteristics of this hard drive:

  • Capacity: 8TB
  • Dimensions: 8.11 inches/206.0 mm x 1.937 inches/49.2 mm x 5.039 inches/128.0 mm
  • Weight: 1244g / 2,743lbs
  • Compatible with most Windows and macOS systems.

Inside the box comes:

  • Gaming Hub FireCuda
  • One 1.2 m (4 ft) USB 3.0 cable
  • Power adapter (for various countries)
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Service: Rescue Data Recovery

As you can see, the box is quite compact with everything you need to start using it. Once you connect the device to your PC, a window opens with the necessary information to register your device and activate the Rescue Data service that will help you recover any information in the future after “something unexpected happens”. Let me tell you that it is an eternal headache to have to recover information from damaged hard drives and moreover, in some cases this system can have malfunctions if you do not know how to take care of it.

The design of the box is quite aesthetic (not only because of the RGB itself) but because of the texture and color that it has. The Gaming Hub can either be placed horizontally next to your PC or vertically to save a little more space, it fits quite easily in any space and it doesn’t look like you have a huge storage station on your desk. It could be compared to the size of the Nintendo Switch TV adapter or something similar but obviously with the weight of a traditional Hard Drive.

The transfer speed of this type of HDD is quite slow but safe and even more reliable than any other. If you are really a content creator (YouTuber, Streamer) you have an excellent option ahead of you to store those long LONG hours of gameplay and edit on top of them without any problem. As I mentioned before, there is no need to have so much storage at a high price because it is not an SSD, on the contrary, using an HDD in this way is more strategic since you can have more storage.

This FireCuda Gaming Hub comes in 8TB versions (the one in this review) and with double the storage of 16TB. Anything that fits in your pocket is fine. Personally, it is better to choose brands specialized in technologies in order to obtain a better life time, using an HDD to create content is going to really require a great use of it and of course that could risk reducing the quality of life , so when choosing your large-scale or “expensive” storage device you should think about it several times.

One huge quirk that I never would have imagined is that the power adapter has connection options for all countries. This to help us simply buy, uncap and use without feeling overwhelmed that our connector is something different from the original. We only have to look carefully if it really is the one we need and to use it. Seagate in this case thought of everything, literally.

It’s storage, after all, so you don’t need a huge guide to use it. Simply plug and start using. I don’t see any kind of inconvenience in anyone regardless of his age using it. The RGB system gives that special touch to our setup, configuring it is quite simple and means that the gaming hub is not only painted in a corner but also gives our setup that special touch.

Something important to note is that it also has a USB-C in front of it and a USB 3.0 available to connect it to our PC. We are not only using a USB from our Motherboard but it is giving us the one we are using and another additional one for anything we want to do. This is something very conventional when it comes to a gamer needing closer or additional ports at their fingertips. As in my case, I was able to connect the dongle of my wireless mouse right in that part and thus have it closer.

In conclusion,

The 8TB Seagate FireCuda Gaming Hub is the best choice for content creators or those gamers who have a large library of games. With an exotic design for our desktop, this HDD gives us space so we can be calm, also trusting that in any situation, Rescue Data Recovery is there to make us feel safe. Expensive at last for the amount of storage we will be buying this device is an upgrade that will be very valuable in the eyes of those who really lack space on their PCs. This review was done with a Seagate supplied Hard Drive.


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