Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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PS5 launches a new system update: these are all the news it includes

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Highly requested features since the launch of the console are finally coming to PS5.

Throughout these two years on the market that PS5 has been in since its release in 2020, Sony’s new-generation console has received important functions through system updates, such as expanding the internal hard drive with NVME 2.0 SSD drives or support for VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). The latest update to the PS5 system brings several new features, the most important of which is 1440p video output.

Like the other features mentioned, it is a feature promised during the first months of the console’s launch, although it has taken a little longer than expected. This support for video output at 1440p was already in testing, now it comes publicly for all users along with other new features.

1440p, game lists and new social features for PS5

“The update includes several highly requested features like 1440p HDMI video output and playlists, as well as social features like the ability to request a screen share from a party member, easily view new friends’ profiles, and get notified for help join a friend’s game more quickly from a group chat,” explained the PlayStation Blog.

These are already known functions that have been in testing for a couple of months and now reach all PS5 players, but they are not the only novelties, since this update includes YouTube search by voice command (preview version) . From anywhere on PS5, even during gameplay, you can say “Hey PlayStation, find [keyword] on YouTube.” The YouTube app will open and relevant search results will be displayed (only available in English and for US and UK territories).

As for the Playstation app for Android and iOS mobile devices, a new update allows two new functions never before seen:

  • Start PS Remote Play session: Once the Playstation app is linked to your PS5 console and it is in rest mode, a Remote Play session can be started from the “Play using PS Remote Play” icon in the app and it will start automatically the game.
  • Screen Share Request: “Similar to the PS5 feature, PS app users will be able to request another party member playing on PS5 to start a Screen Share session, and then view their friend’s gameplay from within the app.” , explains Playstation.

Undoubtedly, the biggest novelty of this PS5 system update is the 1440p video output support, ideal for players who want to enjoy recent games like The Last of Us Part I or the imminent God of War on their monitors or TVs. Ragnarok, although Sony specifies that this video output is not compatible with the VRR function present in the 1080p and 4K outputs.


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