Friday, September 30, 2022
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Malenia against the main bosses of Elden Ring: epic clashes via mod

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Malenia, Old at Miquella it is considered practically unanimously as the most difficult boss fight of all Elden Ring. Not only is this a grueling battle, but also the bug that made Malenia of Elden Ring stronger, which was later solved by From Software.

The brutal fame of the character is such that a content creator, known as Garden of Eyeswith his latest mod he pitted Malenia against another 25 bosses of the last effort of Hidetaka Miyazaki, giving rise to real battles between titans. A video shows the latest creation of Garden of Eyes in action, from which it emerges clearly how the Blade of Miquella is a really fearsome opponent even for the other great enemies that populate the Interregnum with some of these that they fall inexorably within a few strokes.

For example, Malenia quickly and effortlessly defeats la Sentinel of the Treewhile the boss of the tutorial, the Godrick soldier, it is beaten with a single blow instead. The formidable fighter, therefore, is a very serious threat not only to the players, but also to any boss in the game.

It is therefore not surprising that Let Me Solo Her became a legend among opera fans for defeating Malenia 1000 times in Elden Ring while helping other users, then deciding to cancel his save after reaching the incredible record.


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