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How to make night vision potion in Minecraft

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Potions in Minecraft are items that grant special abilities. One of the most popular is night vision, which increases visibility in low-light locations.

Like other Minecraft potions, the night vision potion has limited effects and lasts for a specific time. It can be bought from witches, street vendors, or crafted from scratch, as long as you have the right ingredients. See below.

Items for brewing potions

The basic recipe is the same as the other potions in Minecraft, with most materials only found in the Nether. To do this, you first need to have the following items on hand:

  • Potions Support (made with 3 Boulders and a Glowing Wand that is dropped by the Flame when defeated in the Nether);
  • Flame Powder (fetus in pairs with 1 Flame Wand);
  • Glass Bottle (made with 3 blocks of Glass and filled with water);
  • Cauldron (optional, made with 7 Iron blocks).

Gather materials before making night vision potion. If you already have the aforementioned items, it’s time to craft the consumable.

Ingredients to Make Night Vision Potion
Here are the materials needed to make it:

  • 1 Nether Fungus (found in castles and forests in the Nether or cultivated by hand);
  • 1 Golden Carrot (made with a regular carrot and 8 gold nuggets);
  • 1 Strange Potion (made with a Glass Flask of water and Nether Fungus);
  • 1 Glowstone Powder (optional, to increase potency);
  • 1 Redstone (optional, to increase duration).

The Strange Potion is the basis for crafting not only the night vision drink, but also the invisibility potion and all the others in Minecraft. As a neutral elixir, it has no effect on the player.

How to make night vision potion

  • Fill the “Glass Bottle” with water;
  • Place the “Glass Vial” in the “Potions Holder”;
  • Add “Nether Fungus” to turn the vial into a “Strange Potion”;
  • Add the “Golden Carrot” to make the night vision potion;
  • If you want to increase the potion’s potency and duration, add “Glowstone Powder” and “Redstone” (respectively).

What is the night vision potion used for?

Making the drink in Minecraft helps, especially, in places with low light, such as caves, abandoned castles, at the bottom of the oceans. Or even in places that are difficult to use torches, fire and other lighting methods.

When using a potion of night vision, it is possible to see perfectly what is in the environment. The liquid illuminates everything at a light level of 15, the water with a blue glow and the lava with an orange glow. The effect lasts for three minutes, up to eight minutes if you use Redstone in Potions Support.


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