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How to make a furnace in Minecraft

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Knowing how to make a furnace in Minecraft is important, as the item gives the player the ability to smelt, which allows you to smelt items and blocks, turning them into other objects that are useful as the days go by in the Mojang Studios game.

Check out the steps below to build a furnace in Minecraft, in addition to the places where the object is generated naturally in the game.

How to create a furnace in Minecraft

Making a furnace is quite simple, the material used is any stone block layer, you can see some information about layers in Minecraft in the text on the side, making the process of finding new resources easier.

In addition, it is important to have a pickaxe made in the game, as the extraction of stones only happens when using one at the time of mining. The types of stone present in the game are:

  • Cobblestone: Obtained by mining stones, found in all terrain except desert;
  • Blackstone (Java edition only): block similar to boulder, but present only in Java edition and found in the Nether;
  • Slate Cobble: Obtained by mining slate, found underground.

Once they finish extracting, eight blocks of any type of boulder are needed, build a work table, necessary to make the furnace, and follow the steps below.

  • Click the action button on the workbench to open the crafting area;
  • Position the eight blocks as in the figure below, leaving only the central area free;
  • Drag the furnace to your inventory.

Another important item you should know how to make is a charcoal unit, needed to light the furnace and build other items.

What is the furnace for?

The furnace serves for the creation of many objects such as bricks and is part of the process for creating glass. In essence, the object is halfway between making simple blocks and advanced blocks, and every player needs to have it in their base at some point in the game.

Natural obtainment
In addition to the building, the player can find the furnace in the following locations:

  • Villages in plains and desert biomes;
  • In some houses in villages in the savannah biome;
  • It is also possible, but more rare, to be found in houses in villages in the taiga and nevada biomes.

In this way it is possible to build a furnace in Minecraft and make complex objects in the game.


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