Monday, September 26, 2022
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Elden Ring: this is what the mod looks like to play in VR through the Middle Lands and that Malenia destroys you in the first person

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Considering that the Elden Ring Midlands have already been explored to exhaustion (although more secrets are sure to be hidden), the new blood for the title comes from abroad . We look forward to a DLC from FromSoftware, but while it is the community itself that gives rise to a mod to play cooperatively.

With a huge level of ambition, LukeRoss has got down to work and has decided to create a mod to be able to play Elden Ring in virtual reality. It is not the first time that this creator has launched such a feat, since he has done the same with Red Dead Redemption 2 , for example.

What is this witchcraft? Luke asks himself in the video of him and it is not for less. Being able to play the RPG in this way is the dream of many with their devices waiting next to the PC. For now we only have a small approximation of what the mod will look like, which shows us the initial area of ​​the work.

One of the fundamental questions when creating the mod is the fact that, like any Soulsborne, we are going to roll to infinity and beyond. Luke has taken this particularity into account and the camera will not rotate with the character, but will remain in a fixed point so as not to cause dizziness.

A good remedy that will not prevent Malenia from giving us the beating of our lives , but for this we can always resort to the legendary Let Me Solo Her . The world of mods also gives us the opportunity to summon this legend.


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