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Although Fallout 4 is now 7 years old, the game’s massive support for mods (as is tradition with Bethesda) ensures that new free content continues to emerge continuously, and with the arrival of mods on Xbox consoles these are no longer relegated to PC users, becoming more accessible than ever.

However, taking into account that new mods appear every day, others become obsolete and others are updated on a regular basis, along with how complicated it can be to explore the corresponding section of the Bethesda website , it is normal that you can find yourself in the situation of wanting to start installing mods but find yourself totally lost. Luckily, from Somosxbox we bring you our selection of the best mods for Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox (2022) . To clarify, all the mods that we are going to select are available on both platforms , so you do not have to worry about seeing a mod in the list that catches your attention and be disappointed to discover that it has not been ported to Xbox.

1. Tales from the Commonwealth

We want to start this list off strong, so the first mod we recommend is, in our opinion, the best mod out there for Fallout 4 . Tales From the Commonwealth adds over 20 new quests, 125 new NPCs and 3 new companions with over 1,000 lines of dialogue. The most remarkable thing is that these characters and missions waste a huge quality, which in most cases exceeds those of the base game itself. Furthermore, they are organically incorporated into the world of Fallout 4, so you just have to install it and play normally, and wait for new locations, quests and characters that give the Commonwealth much more variety and interest. It is one of those mods that, without a doubt, once you try it, you will never want to play it again without it.


This mod reinvigorates the semi-abandoned radio station WRVR, adding a brand new station , with new music consistent with the setting, a female announcer (voiced by a professional voice actress), and a new partner. It is one of the most complete radio mods and its small size (barely 92 megabytes) allows it to make a dent even on Xbox, where space for mods is very precious.

3. NAC X

NAC X is the most complete mod for Fallout 4 when it comes to weather and atmospheric effects. Add over 40 different weathers capable of interacting with each other in thousands of different variations . Not only does it stop there, but it also adds control for in-game lighting, camera effects like noise and lens blur, the ability to choose different visual effects presets, etc. While the sheer number of options can overwhelm those looking for something simpler, and the Xbox version has some limited options, you won’t find a weather mod that comes close to this one.

4. Much Better 3rd Person Animations Tactics

If at any time you have found yourself unhappy with the animations used by the game, from the strange way in which the protagonists sprint or the way in which they take weapons, and with which they would possibly end up hurting themselves after firing the first bullet, This mod implements new animations of much higher quality and more realistic . There is only one “but”, and that is that we will have to reset the position of the camera every time we start our game sessions through the In-Game Third Person Camera Config mod, otherwise it will start making strange movements. Still, it’s totally worth it, in our opinion. Remember to make Apply Camera Animations = False – and – Apply Camera Animations = True at your chemistry workbench to fix the camera issue.

5. Another Life – Alternative Start Mod

If you have used mods in Skyrim, you have probably heard of Alternate Start, one of the most popular of the title. Another Life brings the same concept to Fallout 4. Instead of having to start each game as usual, we can choose from a wide range of different starts for our character., which will greatly expand our role-playing options by allowing us to start with different origins and in other areas of the map, and even start as part of one of the many factions in the game. We can choose to start as a scientist from The Instinct, a cabaret dancer in Goodneighbor, a peasant, a bandit… the possibilities are enormous. In addition, the mod introduces specific perks for each of these origins. A must-have if you’re the kind of person who wants to replay the title numerous times, especially if you like to role-play different character archetypes.

6.Full Dialogue Interface

Have you ever selected a dialogue option and surprised yourself when the main character said something completely opposite of what you expected? Most likely yes, and this mod brings the solution. Full Dialogue Interface replaces the greatly summarized dialogue options that the game presents us with the full text , allowing us to be able to vary more between them by being totally clear about what we are going to say in each situation. This mod is especially recommended in conjunction with the next one on the list.

7. Silent Protagonist By Stupid Dunmer

One of the most controversial decisions made by Bethesda in the development of Fallout 4 was to make the protagonist speak. This put a huge limit on the game’s role-playing possibilities, as well as lengthening dialogue and featuring voice acting that isn’t to everyone’s taste. This mod remedy that, making our character become mute, as is the case with other titles like Fallout 3 or Skyrim. In addition, while there are other authors who have tried to create a similar mod, this is undoubtedly the best, since instead of reducing the volume of the character’s voice to 0 (which causes the camera to continue to focus on him in the conversations and that the rest of the characters “wait” for him to speak) he replaces it with empty audio files. The result is completely natural and comfortable to use, and together with the previous mod on the list, Full Dialogue Interface, it provides us with a dialogue experience very similar to that of previous games in the saga.

8.Hyper Merge 1, 2, 3, 4

In this case we have cheated a bit, since it is not a single mod, but 4 different ones. Hyper Merge are packs of different mods that introduce modern weapons of enormous quality to add a greater variety of weapons to the title, each containing its own animations, models and textures. However, in the case of Xbox, unless you absolutely have plenty of space, we recommend installing those packs (of the 4 available) that contain weapons that you really want to use in your game, since they take up a lot of space. In the case of PC, you must download each weapon separately, since they are not available in pack format.

9. Flashy(JoeR) – Gun For Hire – Mercenary Jobs

Gun For Hire is one of the most revolutionary mods for Fallout 4 gameplay and quests, allowing us to create our own bounty hunting agency with brand new mechanics. The mod introduces a reputation system that will allow us to unlock new bounty hunting missions, a disguise and camouflage system to infiltrate the ranks of other factions, and much more. In addition, we will be able to completely decorate our office and hire helpers.

10. Place Anywhere

The last mod on our list is one of the simplest, but absolutely essential for any player interested in using Fallout 4’s construction tools. Place Anywhere will give us many more possibilities and facilities to decorate our settlements , allowing us to place objects in areas where the game would not let us normally (red zones), move them precisely, deactivate them, make them bigger or smaller, etc. And besides, it takes up practically nothing.

Best Mods for Fallout 4 on PC and Xbox (2022)

These are just a few of the thousands of mods available for Fallout 4 . There is no doubt that if you explore for yourself you will find many more that will be of interest to you, but this list contains some of those that we consider the most interesting and stable of all the existing ones.


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