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From threatening Putin to posing for Playboy: UFC fighter Maryna Moroz

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Although there are campaigns to give greater value to the inner essence and not so much to the image, society still gives too much importance to aesthetics. Outer beauty -many times- is synonymous with success, a trend that can be certified by Maryna Moroz, who is the owner of a very changing life: she remains in history for threatening Vladimir Putin and for being the first UFC fighter to pose for Playboy, company that still continues to prevail in the market.

The Ukrainian will make her debut on the centerfold of the legendary men’s lifestyle and entertainment magazine. At the beginning of the week, the woman who competes in the flyweight division announced her new adventure: she will be associated with the brand to promote her clothing line and be part of other activities that are a little more fiery.

Despite her innovative field, the European will continue to be linked to mixed martial arts. Without going any further, she will see action again on November 19 at UFC Fight Night 215 against Brazilian Jennifer Maia. The event will take place at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Get to know her in details

Respectable resume

She’s known as “The Iron Lady” and she doesn’t just make money by getting into the octagon. She is also a boxing coach for the Ukrainian women’s Olympic team and also works as a sports teacher in kickboxing.

A noticeable change

On more than one occasion, the European admitted that her stay in the United States caused favorable changes in her personality. “Playboy is super big for me. The United States changed everything in my life and now I am different. I am a different person, before I was very closed”.

Fight with Putin

The fighter suffers from the war in her native country. Several months ago, with her family suffering permanent bombardment, she was forceful against the highest president of Russia. Fuck you, dog. I love Ukraine, do not touch my country”, she lashed out forcefully.

Queen of instagram

With photos that invite the imagination, Maryna uploads her content to her social networks that raises the temperature of her more than 100 thousand followers. The comments and interactions tend to have a very complimentary tinge from Internet users.

Will she sustain the streak?

She has three consecutive victories (Sabina Mazo, Mayra Bueno Silva and Mariya Agapova). The Iron Lady, who has a record of 11-3, will next face Brazilian wrestler Jennifer Maia.


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