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French Embassy denied that the journalist’s attackers in Val’quirico are his collaborators

On social networks they shared a video of two alleged French citizens who insulted and beat their victim and members of the Embassy said

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The town of Val’quirico was the scene of violent actions by supposed French citizens against Mexican and Mexican visitors, because through social networks, videos circulated that prove the described aggressions.

It was through the journalist Jannet López Ponce, victim of the alleged French, that the case became known. In a series of tweets, she published the story and the scenes that she was able to record with her cell phone, before it was destroyed after falling to the ground from a strong blow.

In her description, she assured that a man approached her to urinate on public roads, and when she asked him not to do so, he did not stop, so he went to the authorities to take action on the matter.

Unfortunately this subject and one more allegedly went to blows. The authorities arrived at the scene, but the victims reported both physical and material damage (cell phones, glasses). As the insults poured in, the man claimed to be from the French embassy.

Journalist Irving Pineda added to the conversation on the subject the photographs of the journalist’s completely destroyed cell phone, which showed damage to both the screen and the case and the cameras; “Who is going to pay?” Was the question he left in the air through a tweet.

The security and surveillance elements of the place went to the place where the events took place to prevent the conflict from growing and help those who were being attacked by the alleged members of the embassy.

On the other hand, the Mexican journalist reported that the men “wanted to change the version” before the law enforcement officers, which was impossible thanks to the recordings , adding “one was already shirtless from the fury of beating us.”

“Thanks to security @ValQuirico who protected us while they received blows , humiliation and threats ,” López Ponce wrote on his social networks.

It was the journalist herself who assured that through the embassy, ​​the representative Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian had made a personal communication, but the ambassador showed his face through his official social networks.

It was during the course of the hours that Jean-Pierre Asvazadourian published a tweet in which he assured that these are reprehensible acts; Although he did not recognize the people, he promised that they were working on verifying their identity and nationality.

Hours later, the French Embassy published a statement on its official Twitter in which they assured that in relation to the events that occurred in Val ‘quirico, none of the embassy’s collaborators is involved in the violence.

“We can only invite all relevant information to be provided to the competent Mexican authorities, so that they can carry out the corresponding procedures ,” the Embassy said.

And although through the networks, users made an effort to identify those responsible, in addition to providing some names, the information has not yet been confirmed by local authorities.

Val’quirico is a community that has architectural designs inspired by the European countryside and some traditional Mexican towns. A great option for those who want to get away from their daily lives.

It also has a vast number of restaurants to satisfy the most demanding palates and some even have a vegan menu for those who want it. There are also hamburger restaurants, inns, bars or taquerias.


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