Free Cosmetics in Roblox: These are the Latest Codes

Free Cosmetics in Roblox: These are the Latest Codes

We offer you a list of all the promotional codes for Roblox for May 2021 that we have found for you, and we have a couple of them that you are sure to want to redeem.

Every month the different Roblox creators offer us a series of promotional codes that you can redeem in your account to obtain a multitude of bonuses and rewards totally free, and in the month of May we have some new codes that you are sure to want to redeem.

In these new codes for Roblox of May 2021 , we have several additions that you can add to your account for free, some codes that you will be able to redeem at least throughout this month, and that are likely to last a little longer. However, there are promotional codes that have been running for many months.

We are also going to point out where you should enter all those promotional codes and also some that are exclusive to certain games so that you can go directly to them.

As you well know, thanks to these Roblox promotional codes we can get free cosmetic items for the avatar and you can keep them permanently, although the codes have an expiration date, so we encourage you to review this list month by month so as not to miss many of the codes you must redeem.

As soon as you have logged into your Roblox account, simply enter the corresponding promotional code before it expires.

General promo codes

WALMARTMEXEARS2021 – Steel Rabbit Ears
ROBLOXEDU2021 – development keyboard

Promotional codes for Island of Move

DIY WorldAlive

Remember that many of the promotional codes above have an expiration date, while others have been around for several months, so they are likely to be permanent. Event codes typically only last a few weeks.

Btw, Would you like to continue playing the Resident Evil Village demo on PC for a little longer? We leave you with a few small steps to achieve it.

PC gamers who have been with the Resident Evil Village demo for a while, in addition to working on their skills with the game, have been busy with something else. And they have found a way to spend a little more time playing after the 60 minutes that Capcom offers you as a limit.

In the demo, just released on the rest of the consoles after its exclusive time on PlayStation , it can only be played for 1 hour, regardless of progress. However, it seems that this time is not the limit, as it can be extended by doing a time reset.

Do it in your started and advanced games of the demo, and when you re-enter the time will be complete again. This, understandably, will not give more content, just more time to explore the game. Remember that the game will go on sale this week, specifically next Friday, May 7.

Of course, for those who do not buy the starting game if not a little later, the demo will continue to be available until this Sunday, May 9, two days after the official launch. This means that you can switch from the demo to the game without interruption.

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