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Fortnite: Guide to Determine the Value of Your Account Before Selling It

Fortnite has so many outfits that some more than others have a considerable value in real money. There is a system that will help you do the calculation.

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Fortnite outfits are cosmetic items that have the potential to cost thousands of dollars on the internet and on specialized forums. While some are available on the Epic Games Store from time to time, some will never make it back to Battle Royale. That is the reason why there are skins worth gold in the market.

If you’ve ever wondered about your Fortnite account value , there’s an easy way to check it out. However, please note that buying or selling accounts is against the terms and conditions.

What you’ll need to do is visit , which serves as a calculator for cosmetic items. Simply add the value of all cosmetic items in your Fortnite account and the system will display the value in V-Bucks. After that, players can convert their V-Bucks to the local currency to find out the value of the account.

Please note that the calculator is not 100 percent accurate. For example, it doesn’t add any value to the Battle Pass skins since they were purchased as part of the bundle. In reality, these outfits are incredibly valuable as they will never return to the game.

The process of adding all the cosmetic items is time consuming, but if you really want to know the value of your Fortnite account, try adding a few items to the wishlist every day.

FORTNITE | How to buy V-Bucks

First of all, the easiest way to acquire V-Bucks is to purchase a package offered as an add-on by the developers. Players can simply purchase the bundle online through the official website and store.

The second option to acquire V-Bucks is to purchase the Battle Pass, which contains a large number of skins and other cosmetic items along with V-Bucks that can be claimed as the player rises through the ranks in the game.

The third option offers free V-Bucks, but there is a caveat. Fortnite has a mode called Save the World that offers free V-Bucks just for logging in and completing some missions. Here’s the catch. Save the World only offers free V-Bucks to ‘Founders’, players who got the game on its initial release. Also, the game must be purchased, so this option does not offer free money, except for some players.


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