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Finneas O’Conell, the versatile brother of Billie Eilish

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There is no doubt that Billie Eilish is a name that is most recognized in much of the world. The singer reached the pinnacle of her profession when she was only 19 years old, winning 4 Grammys in the main categories, and since then, her fame has not stopped growing, becoming a benchmark for an entire generation. However, all this success could not be understood without the figure of her older brother, Finneas O’Connell (25), who, from a discreet background, helps the artist to compose the lyrics of the songs that move her faithful followers and that conquer the first positions in the rankings of musical tendencies.

“If I’m writing a song with Billie, I just try to help her tell any story she wants to talk about, we exchange ideas, but above all, we listen to each other’s opinions,” the producer declared in 2018 during an interview with the Arwood magazine about his role in creating these singles. An unlimited sensitivity that has led him to win an Oscar this 2022 together with the vocalist for the song No time to die, belonging to the soundtrack of the latest installment of James Bond, and to work with other great Hollywood stars such as Selena Gomez, Camila Cabello or Demi Lovato.

In the same way, he has embarked on his solo path in the song. As a teenager he founded a student band with some high school classmates called The Slightlys and has released 2 studio albums, Blood Armony, and, most recently in 2021, Optimist. Precisely, on this last album there is a song dedicated to his girlfriend, the influencer Claudia Sulewski, to whom he declares her great love while confessing the roller coaster of feelings he experiences when she is by her side. .

In addition, as a good older brother, he is the best support for the interpreter of Bad Guy, playing the role of father in a certain way during work or on tour. “She is very young and I have to be as protective as possible with her, but not in an authoritarian way, but rather making sure that nobody misbehaves with her,” he once explained to the British newspaper The Times. A company that became even more essential when the vocalist began to suffer harassment from a man who camped for weeks at the door of her house. A problem that she fortunately put an end to with a restraining order.

In addition, Finneas has not only stood out in the recording industry, but has also taken his own little steps in acting, both in film and on television, with some supporting roles in films such as Bad Teacher, starring Cameron Díaz, the teen show Glee, or the comedy Modern Family, in which he played one of the musicians in Alex’s group.


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