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Finds ‘secret treasure’ at dead grandparents’ house in Tennessee

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A man discovered a “secret treasure” for he found tens of thousands of pounds worth of treasure and weapons after stumbling upon the gold mine at his late grandparents’ house in Tennessee.

Reddit user EvilEnglish said he was clearing out the farm in preparation for selling it, when he noticed the big loot.

His grandparents lived on the property for 20 years, and when his grandfather died in 1998, his grandmother left the farm and never came back. The old house was inherited by the EvilEnglish user’s father before it fell into his hands and he cleaned it up before it was sold.

In his now-deleted post, the Reddit user said the inherited house was in very poor condition after two decades of neglect. But after dusting off the cobwebs, he stumbled upon a closet under the stairs that had an old rug on it. To his surprise, under the dusty rug there was something specialthen found a great treasure.

He wrote: “I pushed the rug further back and saw a round cap with a circular indentation. I took off the lid and… A secret safe!”

Finds 'secret treasure' at dead grandparents' house in Tennessee
In the safes there were silver bars

He spent a few days trying to open the safe to find out what was so carefully hidden, but his efforts were in vain and he called Major Safe Co. and hired a locksmith.

The locksmith struggled at first, EvilEnglish said, “He said about 30 minutes after this that if he had known what he was getting himself into, he would have referred the job to someone else.”

But finally the locksmith managed to open it and revealed the hidden treasures inside. The safe was filled with boxes containing old items such as rare coins, silver bars and many other things that their grandparents had saved.

The treasure chests suffered some water damage due to a leaking pipe, but thankfully the valuables inside remained intact.

“I knew my grandmother collected coins, but I thought we found them all!” he wrote.

Although there is no confirmed exact figure for the finding, it is estimated that amounts to around tens of thousands of pounds. After posting his finds on Reddit, another user commented on his post and said that the Prestige Coin sets were worth at least $20 each. However, silver coins would have a much higher value on the market.

“At the moment, its melt value is 17.3 times the face value,” the user wrote. “With low silver prices and extremely high demand for physical silver, the most reputable dealers will pay you to melt right now.”

Finds 'secret treasure' at dead grandparents' house in Tennessee
Some of the objects found in the safes

If that wasn’t enough, the lucky user found dollar bills that were worth quite a bit of cash. But the latest treasure he unearthed from the great safe was not only financially valuable.

EvilEnglish discovered another box full of jewels which brought him even closer to his late grandmother by fulfilling a childhood dream. The Reddit user grew up with his grandparents reading Treasure Island to him when he visited. And it was a moving moment that brought back memories of the times he had shared with them and the wish that he had found a box full of jewelry.

“It’s funny that when I was a child, in that same house, my grandmother read Treasure Island to me,” EvilEnglish wrote. “And I always dreamed of finding something like this!”

He then found another safe by opening a coffee table that hid his grandfather’s treasures. the second safe opened more easily than the first and discovered a collection of old pistols with his grandfatheran enthusiastic artillery collector.

With his post now removed, the last word from the Redditor was that he was debating whether to sell the items or keep them as souvenirs after finding this top secret treasure in an abandoned Tennessee home.


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