Friday, December 2, 2022
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Final Fantasy XIV, a Discord for adults and advertising in the real world star in the bizarreness

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As a Final Fantasy XIV player myself, I know that the community for this MMO can be…quirky at times. In addition to working as a team to have nice gestures (such as the tribute to Kentaro Miura, creator of Berserk, after his death), there are also times that MMO players have been seen to have more than peculiar behaviors.

Today’s case is one of them, and it is so curious that it has raised the entire gaming community, creating completely contradictory opinions among them. And it is that this time a group of players has decided to transcend the walls of the game and take their activities further. More specifically, to bulletin boards in the United States.

As we have learned from the stir that the matter has caused, a group of gamers known as Rain has rented several advertising spaces in California and Texas to advertise their activities. We do not know how much this may have cost, although those responsible have stated that it was not as much as it might seem. At first, this practice might seem a bit extreme, but harmless, although, if we dig a little deeper, we can see where the controversy is coming from.

To begin with, the billboard itself violates several rules of the game’s Terms of Service. Making use of datamine suits, something that Square Enix does not agree with, and the title logo without any type of permission, it is not difficult to understand why the Japanese company could disagree with this practice. But the company isn’t the only one that might have frowned.

The poster in particular announces the parties of a group known as Rain. Many players decided to check out the Discord server advertised there, only to be met with surprises. The parties of this cluster of players also have an adult-only roleplay facet, which caught some of the most curious off guard, creating a chain reaction.

The group offers a list of erotic services that, well, those of us who are not involved in this type of activity may seem murky, but that is not uncommon within these communities. Shocking newcomers to Discord so much, its mods decided to take matters into their own hands by deleting or hiding the adult aspects of it, angering veterans as well. On the other hand, the group’s own website, where its activities are announced, has voluntarily stopped working until the storm passes.

The community of the title has been divided before tremendous bizarre. There are some who think that those responsible for these ads should be banned. Having used content that is not yet in the game, unofficial tools, and Final Fantasy XIV’s own copyrighted logo to make their actual advertising billboard, they believe that Square Enix should use these players as an example that it is They take their own standards seriously.

On the other hand, there are those who simply find this a humorous event, and one more example of the peculiarities that the community of one of the most successful, but also strangest, MMOs on the scene can create. For its part, Square Enix, the most important figure in all this, has not spoken, and we do not know if it will do so publicly. For now, we will have to arm ourselves with popcorn and patience to see how this drama evolves.


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