Saturday, December 3, 2022
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Facebook sends $397 checks as compensation for violating the privacy of thousands of users in the US.

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Illinois residents began receiving checks and deposits of up to $397 sent by Facebookafter a compensatory agreement for a case of violation of the digital privacy of its users.

The money comes from a settlement fund that Mark Zuckerberg’s company created to settle a class action lawsuit against you. facebook was accused of violating the rights of Illinois residents having collected and stored digital scans of their faces without their consent, details a report from NBC News. The payment of these compensations results from the application of a biometric information privacy law which was approved in this state in 2008.

This legislation opens the possibility for Illinois residents to sue companies if they collect and store their information without their consent. fingerprints, do retina scans, facial geometry and other data. In total, Facebook reached a $650 million dollar deal to settle the trial. From this amount, the plaintiffs had to deduct the costs generated and $97.5 million in fees for the lawyers in the case.

In total, just over 1.6 million people joined the case and the remaining amount was divided between this number.

Illinois legislation in this area is a pioneer in the United States and has drawn attention in the legislatures of other states such as California, where sand would seek similar protections for citizens. Meanwhile, in other states such as Texas and Washington, the protection of privacy and personal data in the digital environment cannot be invoked by citizens, but is left to a power of the state.

Currently, there are other federal bills that are also being discussed to more strictly regulate the advertising activities of companies such as Facebook and Google. According to the report of NBC NewsIllinoisans who received the checks from Facebook were so surprised that some They claimed it was a scam.


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