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Evi Rauter, the mystery of the girl who disappeared in 1990 is solved (but not completely)

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For 32 years, the body of a girl found hanging in a pine forest in Portbou, a Spanish village on the border with France, has remained without a name. For the same long period, the family members of Evi Anna Rauter, a nineteen-year-old South Tyrolean girl, had no news of her. Now it turns out that the two cases are connected. The young woman found dead in Spain is indeed Evi. Only the official communication of the authorities is missing, but it seems only a formal and bureaucratic step.


Evi Rauter is 19 years old and has just completed her high school diploma, when on September 3, 1990 she leaves the student residence in Florence, where her sister lived and where she was a guest for a few days. “I’m going to Siena, I’ll be back this evening”, she reads herself in a message left on a piece of paper. According to her latest developments, Evi died just 24 hours after her disappearance in Portbou. The Raitre Who has seen it television program had also dealt with the case.

The turning point

The “cold case” was solved by the Spanish television program Crims on TV3 and Catalunya Ra’dio in collaboration with Ungelost (‘unresolved, ed), broadcast by Austria TV. The investigations by the police are still in progress and the Civil Guard has started the procedures to be able to scientifically identify the girl. For now there are only footprints and post mortem photographs of the victim whose DNA had never been taken.

On 23 April, the private channel Austria TV aired the episode Das erhangte Madchen (‘the hanging girl’). The broadcaster received an email from a woman from Bolzano in which she wrote that the unidentified girl could be nineteen year old Evi Anna Rauter. Crims’ presenter contacted her sister who confirmed that it was the same girl. “Now after 32 years we know she is my sister but we don’t know what happened in those 20 hours between when she left my apartment in Florence and arrived in Spain? It’s a mystery. My family and I are convinced that it is Evi, but we don’t have any official police documents, “said the sister who asked for the utmost discretion.

The unresolved knots

The two cases in all these years have never been connected, now there is no official seal from the authorities. However, there remain unanswered questions. How did Evi get there? Was she alone? Has anyone seen it? Evi Rauter’s handbag and documents were never found. The word will then be up to the Austrian or Italian authorities, who could reopen the case. In Spain it is not possible, because murders after 30 years go on prescription.


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