Sunday, December 4, 2022
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Eric Adams Warns Democrats of ‘Wrong Attitude’ Toward Major Voter Concerns

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Eric Adams said his fellow Democrats have the right answers but the wrong attitude, urging them to focus on immediate solutions as well as other concerns relevant to working-class voters.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams criticized the Democratic Party for having the “wrong attitude” toward constituent concerns in a Sunday op-ed, after months of blaming the “perception” of voters. fears of rising crime and refusing to criticize Gov. Kathy Hochul over the issue.

“New York is America’s safest big city, but this statistic means nothing to a mother grieving the death of a child due to gun violence,” Adams wrote for USA Today, contradicting her earlier insistence. in which statistics show that fears of crime have to do mainly with “perception”.

“Voting is an act of emotional trust, not direct logic. It’s about recognizing people’s needs, their emotions, their reality, and doing something about it,” added the mayor, while commenting on the Democratic Party’s loss of working-class voters.

The American politician accepted that the Republicans “do this well” and ask “the right questions” despite the fact that they later assure “even when they give the wrong answers.”

“Democrats have the right answers, but the wrong attitude,” he said.

Likewise, Adams called on members of the Democratic Party to focus on “quick fix” solutions to crime, as well as other relevant concerns of working-class voters, such as the economy and inflation.

“They are deeply concerned about the economy, crime and inflation. They are also increasingly looking for leadership that acknowledges their concerns and champions their interests, regardless of party,” he wrote in the op-ed.

“We must push solutions ‘right now,’ like investing in tax credits, child care, housing, health care, and public safety, front and center and keep them there,” he continued.

Democrats fared better than expected in the Nov. 8 legislative races, except in New York, where Hochul posted a close victory over Republican candidate Lee Zeldin.

The governor has come under fire for her soft stance on crime in New York in the run-up to the midterm elections, specifically for failing to act on the state’s pandering bail reform laws.

Now, the mayor is warning that Democrats risk “long-term irrelevance” if they can’t win back working-class voters.


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