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The surprising and ingenious appearance of Johnny Depp at the MTV Video Music Awards

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It was a rumor for days, but no one confirmed it. And on Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards, Johnny Depp made some very brief appearances, but they instantly became the most talked about moments of the night. In this way, the actor continues in his quest to return to Hollywood, after the favorable ruling he received in the trial that pitted him against his ex-partner Amber Heard.

After a commercial break, the broadcast of the awards returned with a very iconic image for MTV. It was about the Man in the Moon, a true symbol of the early years of that channel. But to everyone’s surprise, Depp’s face was on the helmet’s visor, simulating an effect in which the actor seemed to be inside the suit. Through a previously recorded message, and floating over the heads of the guests at the awards, that astronaut Depp had a small handful of appearances throughout the evening, in which he humorously referred to his professional present . On one of those occasions, Johnny said, “I just want to let you know that I’m available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, weddings, wakes, or whatever you need.” In another of those messages, he assured: “You know what? The truth is that I need to work.”

fantastic animals
fantastic animals

From his Instagram account, Depp shared the images of his brief appearances, along with a text in which he wrote, “guess who?” In the networks and live from the place where the MTV Video Music Awards took place, the public mostly accompanied this appearance of the actor, through applause or messages that celebrated his interventions.

Little by little, and after the favorable sentence he received at trial, Depp continues his return to the cinema and the media agenda. The first project that Johnny has in the pipeline is Jeanne du Barry, a piece directed by Maïwenn. This film will tell the story of Louis XV’s last royal mistress at the court of Versailles. The working-class woman begins to use her intelligence and charm to climb the social ladder. Quickly, she catches the attention of the monarch, who is unaware of her social status and both fall madly in love with her. In that project, the actor will play Louis XV, and in a promotional photo he appeared characterized as his character, blindfolded, with white hair and makeup.

The second film finds the interpreter in the role of director. It is a feature film that bears the name Modigliani, a biographical drama based on the figure of the Italian painter, Amedeo Modigliani. Through a statement that accompanied the announcement of this project, Depp communicated: “I feel incredibly honored, to bring Modigliani’s life to the screen with genuine humility. It is a saga of enormous sorrow, but also of eventual triumph, and a life story that all viewers can relate to.” At the moment, it is still unknown if Depp will also star in the film.

Finally, many fans of the Fantastic Beasts saga are excited about the possibility of a return of the actor to the franchise, to resume his Grindelwald character. And to a large extent, that expectation resurfaced when Madds MIkelsen, who replaced Depp in the third part of the saga, acknowledged that he would not miss a return of Johnny. In that sense, Mikkelsen declared: “Things have now changed. He won the case in court, so we’ll have to see if he comes back. It may be so. I am a big fan of Johnny. I think he’s an amazing actor, and I think he did a fantastic job.”


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