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Martin Garrix Was Infiltrated as an Attendee at the Coldplay Concert in CDMX

The popular Dutch DJ has caused a wave of mentions on social networks for his unexpected visit and that few attendees recognized him

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When a singer attends another colleague’s concert there is always a great euphoria on the part of the fans for the possible encounters between the two, as well as the interactions that can occur on stage. However, on other occasions anonymity is one of the resources used to avoid being asked for photos or videos and thus not being able to enjoy the show.

Without knowing if that was the reason why Martin Garrix went unnoticed during the Coldplay concert at the Foro Sol in Mexico City, on the night of Sunday, April 3, the popular and successful Dutch DJ confirmed through his official account of Instagram that is not only on view in Aztec lands , but even attended the great event of the legendary British pop band that has conquered with its productions full of pyrotechnics and large colored lights.

In the short video posted on his insta stories , the creator of electronic melodies like Scared To Be Lonely (in collaboration with Dua Lipa ), In The Name Of Love and Summer Days showed the more than 65 thousand attendees with the large number of lights that dazzle even those on stage. He had a black cap and sweatshirt from the band’s official merchandise , but his white mask would be one of the main reasons why his Mexican fans did not recognize him.

After the publication of the video with the location of Mexico City, many Latin fans were able to confirm that he had been close to the DJ since it was possible to observe the location he had within the show, as well as the people who were behind him and that the Few who did manage to recognize him were able to take photos by his side, as well as observe him while he enjoyed the show that has been characterized by the pastel lights that at some point caused comparisons with the regional Mexican band Grupo Firm that has performed in similar venues and for Common dates like Coldplay.

“What a bad wave that few of us recognized him because he is literally an international superstar and he was like any of us among the general public .” “When I saw the video I realized that it was not far from there and although there was a moment when some commotion was noticed , I think no one recognized it.” “The problem is that you see that he was surrounded by white people with colored eyes and he is like that, so it was obvious that he hid like a chameleon.” “I love the humility of this child, he did not go to seek fame among all the fans, making himself known like many others who do not even run into his house and go to look for a screen,” users wrote on Twitter.

Coldplay and Juan Gabriel

The British band advanced what would be one of its greatest tributes to Mexican music during its upcoming concerts at the Foro Sol in Mexico City. “If possible, we are going to send love from Mexico City, to every person in the world who shares this incredible vibe,” said Chris Martin before his important announcement.

He sang to the rhythm of Eternal Love , and finished off his song with “ I always want to play in Mexico City, please ”. In this way the band fulfilled what was mentioned in various interviews where they warned that they would sing a song by Juan Gabriel , probably even in Spanish, the greatest of the singer-songwriters of ballads, rancheras, sones and boleros of recent times, fulfilling their promise during his concert at CDMX.


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