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Lesbian premiere on the “Playboy cover:” “Princess Charming” wants to set an example

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As the first openly lesbian woman, “Princess Charming” (RTL +) Hanna Sökeland adorns the September issue of the men’s magazine “Playboy”. With the shoot, the 28-year-old wants to set an example for equality and diversity.

It’s a premiere in 50 years of “Playboy”: As the first openly lesbian woman, Hanna Sökeland, who is known from the dating show “Princess Charming” (RTL +), adorns the cover of the September issue (available in stores from August 11). With the nude photos, she wants to set an example for more diversity, as the 28-year-old reveals to “Bild”: “Why should I not be on the ‘Playboy’ title as a lesbian? I also want a sign of equality and more set diversity.” She “always found “Playboy” to be very aesthetic,” she continues, “and I wanted to get to know my feminine side even better.”

She discovered this very late in herself, as she reveals in the “Playboy” interview: “As a small child, I looked rather masculine and often dressed like a boy.” When her younger sisters started putting on make-up, it aroused her interest: “Today I really like both sides of myself and wanted to exploit the newly discovered one as much as possible.”

“I wish more women would do a nude shoot”

The Hanoverian also talks about negative experiences that she often had to have as a lesbian woman: “For example, when I was partying with my girlfriend in a club and we kissed, men said things like: Can I participate? They would never do that do with a woman when your boyfriend is standing by. It’s difficult to deal with. Because no matter what you say or do, it doesn’t change much. Unfortunately, the situation keeps coming up.”

For the future, she therefore hopes “that you no longer have to talk about your sexual orientation, but that it is simply accepted.” The fact that she reduces some people to being a lesbian bothers her a lot: “There are thousands of qualities inside me that make me and my personality. My sexuality is just a part of it.”

Most recently, she hopes that the “Playboy” shoot will motivate women to do the same: “I wish that more women would do a nude shoot. You work a lot with yourself and your body, you’re much more yourself – and then when you see how beautiful the result is, it’s an incredible feeling. I think it helps a lot with self-confidence and well-being.”


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