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Koh Lanta: the Candidates’ Notes and the Summary of Episode 6

KOH LANTA 2022. While two adventurers had to leave the show, which candidates marked episode 6 of Koh Lanta, the cursed totem?

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Episode 6 of Koh Lanta 2022 began with the explanations between Olga and Yannick the day after a new advice under tension. The young woman has indeed claimed to be afraid of the reactions of the basketball player during the tests. With a clear head, Olga ends up apologizing. Facing the camera, she explains that she is “a little disappointed with myself. It’s not at all my values ​​and my personality. It’s a shame.” We will have to overcome these differences on the side of the yellow team. During this time, the red team learns very bad news: Jean-Philippe will unfortunately not return to the adventure. His condition being deemed too serious to resume play, he was forced to withdraw from medical treatment and thus replaced by the last eliminated: Stephanie therefore returned to Koh Lanta with a red scarf!

The young croupier, however, did not find her luck between her elimination and the comfort test since she draws a fourth black ball there which again prevents her from participating. The Yellows then win the event hands down and can enjoy an evening and an exceptional meal that allows them to ease tensions while the Reds eat just as little as ever. To complete the whole thing, because of the curse of the totem, the team must move its camp for one night to the location of the old purple team, left fallow since the creation of the new teams. This of course causes new friction, especially between Maxime and Fouzi, who can no longer bear to lose against the Yellows.

Stéphanie takes advantage of the immunity test to draw her fifth black ball and is therefore again deprived of the possibility of participating in a test and thus helping her team. While the Reds seem very close to finding the solution to the puzzle of the test, they end up being overtaken by the Yellows who thus come out of a cycle of defeats in the immunity tests. Confronted with this new defeat, François loses patience: “we had it, ten times! It swells me!”

Who was eliminated in episode 6 of Koh Lanta 2022?

Direction the camp of the red team which must ask many questions before the elimination to the council. Replacing Jean-Philippe, Stéphanie does not benefit from an immunity amulet valid for the council. The candidate knows she is in danger and goes fishing for information before the vote. In the final gamble, Stéphanie tries to direct the votes of the Reds towards Maxime, the Parisian who seems to exasperate his teammates more and more. Unfortunately, Stephanie’s strategy does not work and she is eliminated with 8 votes against her while Maxime and Pauline have 1 vote against them. Stéphanie therefore leaves the Koh Lanta adventure again, probably for the last time.

The notes of the candidates of episode 6 of Koh Lanta the cursed totem

Like every week, we invite you to vote for your favorite candidates from episode 6 of Koh Lanta the cursed totem. Did you enjoy an action from an adventurer? Do you want to reward his behavior? Vote for up to 4 contestants you liked this week to boost their overall score. To see the results of the survey, simply participate below. In the previous episode, know that it was Bastien who got the best score with 48% of the votes. The cordist seems to have everyone in agreement in the episode. He was followed by Colin with 38% of the votes then by Ambre with a score of 33%. Who will be your top candidates for episode 6 of Koh Lanta this week? 

Who are the candidates for Koh Lanta in 2022?

The candidates from Koh Lanta are going on an adventure in the Philippines. After a season marked by the return of iconic former adventurers from the TF1 program , the 2022 season sees the return of anonymous people. In total, they will be 24 candidates, 12 men and 12 women, to try the adventure of the cursed totem in the hope of becoming the big winner of the next season.

When is Koh Lanta 2022 airing?

Koh Lanta is back for a new season, entitled “The cursed totem”, in 2022. This one is to be discovered on Tuesday evening, from February 22. Each episode will be broadcast on TF1 from 9:10 p.m., as is usually the case. The first channel therefore decided to keep the Tuesday evening slot, tested during the All Star season in 2021, instead of Friday evening as was traditionally the case until then.

Koh Lanta is an adventure game broadcast since 2001 on TF1. It was presented by Hubert Auriol for the first season. Since 2002, Denis Brogniart has been in charge of hosting the program. Several adventurers try to survive on a deserted island until the finale. In this entertainment of survival and strategy, several tests punctuate each episode, and a candidate is eliminated by the other participants, until there are only five left. The latter then decide on two emblematic tests: the orientation and the posts, before the final vote. Since its inception, the game has seen many rule changes.

Broadcast and replay of Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta is a TF1 program broadcast twice each year on the first channel: a first season is broadcast in the spring, a second at the end of the summer. Each episode is available on television but also live on the MyTF1 site via tablet, computer or smartphone. The show is available for replay the next day on the MyTF1 site  for a period of 7 days. Note that the replays are posted on the Salto platform for an indefinite period, which allows the most avid fans to see or re-watch the entire season.

Who won the last season of Koh Lanta?

Due to accusations of cheating which would involve adventure game finalists, there was no winner at the end of the last season of Koh Lanta, at the end of 2021. A first in the adventure game. According to Le Parisien, it is Claude Dartois who would have obtained the most votes from his partners and opponents during the final council. But the ballots will not even have been counted … Broadcast on June 4, 2021, the previous final of Koh Lanta (The Secret Weapons) had crowned Maxine, who is therefore the only winner of Koh Lanta in 2021.


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