Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Kany García invites Christian Nodal to sing ‘LaNext’

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MIAMI — Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Kany García invited regional Mexican singer Christian Nodal for the song “La following”, which premieres today and comes off the album “El Amor Que Merecemos Deluxe” by the Puerto Rican artist.

“It is that story that we hear many times from friends who feel that they have given everything in the relationship, but the man has not, or vice versa, and when he is happier, the ex always returns,” the singer said in a press release.

“That’s why she tells him don’t even worry about me, let’s worry about the next one. This song was born to be a duet, because it is a conversation between the couple, and it was always clear to me that this voice was Christian Nodal, who has a magical voice with a unique feeling.

“I wanted him to feel the song was also his own, that it had elements of his DNA and that it also put his own stamp on it. Working with him has been a wonderful experience,” she added of her duet with Belinda’s ex-fiancé.

Meanwhile, Nodal highlighted being a faithful admirer of Kany and her music, which is why he describes this collaboration as a dream come true: “How was he going to say no? I love her art and the message that she brings to the public. She was very generous in letting me and my musicians participate in a subject that many people are going to be able to identify with at some point in their lives, ”she highlighted.

For the music video, filmed in Buenos Aires and directed by Diego Peskins, the story is developed based on the monotony of a couple, aspects that usually happen in a relationship before it breaks up, and where traits of their personalities are also integrated, such as the tattoos.


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