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How to watch Amazon Prime Video for free

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Free Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video, the on-demand streaming service from Amazon, allows you to enjoy movies, TV series and many other contents on a long series of devices. Its operation is similar in all respects to Netflix, Disney + and other streaming services. But how do you sign up? And above all, it is you can try it for free? Let’s try to answer these questions!

To begin with you need to specify that Prime Video is not a stand-alone subscription. Access to the streaming service is in fact included in the Amazon Prime subscription. Therefore, by paying the monthly or annual Amazon Prime fee, you also have access to Prime Video. And not only that, with the subscription to Prime you have access to:

  • Unlimited shipping on millions of products without charge
  • Prime Video: Stream TV series and movies from PC, mobile, console, smart TV
  • Prime Music: 2 million songs and hundreds of ad-free playlists
  • Prime Reading: Hundreds of Kindle eBooks included
  • Prime Gaming: In-game content and video games as a gift on the popular game streaming platform
  • Lightning Deals: Early access to special offers
  • Amazon Photos – Unlimited photo storage

How to activate Amazon Prime Video Free

That said, signing up is very easy. To start, click on the button below.


From here you will notice another button: “Sign up and use it for free for 30 days”. Here we are. This answers our question “can I try it for free?”. The answer is obviously yes, unless you have already been subscribed to Amazon Prime in the past. At this point the site will ask you either to log in with your Amazon credentials or, otherwise, to create a new account. Creating it in any case is very simple. Just enter your own Name and email it’s a password of at least six mixed characters. Warning: the name is more important than you think. It is with the name that you can access the telephone support and not of Amazon. At this point you will receive a confirmation email with a code on the address you entered. Once inserted you will be faced with a screen similar to this one.
The screen summarizes all the benefits of joining Prime. However, to activate the 30-day trial, you need to add a payment method. It is mandatory to use a credit or debit card. PayPal, Gift Cards or similar are therefore not accepted.

Once the payment method has been added, you can finally complete the registration. You can decide whether to take advantage of the annual or monthly subscription.

  • Annual subscription – € 36 per year (25% savings) – All inclusive
  • Monthly subscription – 3.99 the month – All included

Amazon will automatically attempt to charge you the amount relating to the subscription you have chosen at the end of the free period, after exactly 30 days. If you do not want to be charged, we recommend a procedure. Go to, click on My Prime at the top right, scroll down until you find the writing (small) “My Amazon Prime”. Press us. You will be faced with a screen similar to this one.

Press the key below Manage Subscription and press on the box Remember me before renewal. In this way Amazon will send you an email to remind you when the trial days are about to expire. Remember to terminate your subscription (again from this screen) to avoid being charged. If you are taking advantage of the free 30 days, the button will appear Don’t continue. By pressing it you will stop the charge that would normally occur after 30 days.

So let’s go back to Prime Video! Now that you are subscribed to Amazon Prime you can also freely use Prime Video and access its entire catalog. You can connect to the service by clicking here. You can log in with your Amazon credentials. If you need to log in on a smart TV, an additional procedure may be required. We explain it to you here: Log in MyTV.
At this point you just have to understand how take advantage of these 30 days free trial! In this regard, we have some advice for you, collected in some dedicated articles.

On Prime Video you will find a wide selection of original TV series, more or less exclusive films, documentaries, content for children, anime series and films. The catalog is updated every week with new content.


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