Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Gigliola Cinquetti at Eurovision 2022: Turin sings and applauds it

Ovation for the first Italian winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

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An Italy that no longer exists. An Italy that today would also be difficult to imagine. Yet an Italy that is also impossible to forget. Gigliola Cinquetti brought that “I am not old (to love you)” to the stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022which in 1964 led her to win the Sanremo Festival at a very young age. And all the PalaOlimpico in Turin she accompanied her singing the song at the top of her voice. Excited, Gigliola Cinquetti. Also because singing in front of over 180 million people on Eurovision would not be a walk in the park. But she holds up the stage very well and, despite some inaccuracies, her performance takes you back in time. To an Italy that was that of little girls who, although in love, could not go out alone with a boy. An Italy with very specific stakes, a patriarchal society. Which is told in a precise and exciting way precisely by the song interpreted by Gigliola Cinquetti. In 1964 as today.


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