Friday, September 30, 2022
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Elden Ring ‘meets’ Father Gascoigne of Bloodborne thanks to an imaginative player

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Elden Ring has inside a valid character editor that allows players to change every little detail of their protagonist. Fans have experimented with this editor in a thousand ways, with many of the players having decided to create famous characters. One person in particular took the opportunity to bring “back to life” Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne.

In a duel within Elden Ring, a Reddit user named orionthehoonter faces off against a character who looks incredibly similar to Bloodborne’s Father Gascoigne. As anyone who has played FromSoftware’s acclaimed title knows, Father Gascoigne is a mandatory boss in Bloodborne and serves as a great introduction to the game’s excellent combat system. In this case, the other player has equipped a suit similar to Father Gascoigne’s iconic design, and has gone to great lengths to recreate the entire fight.

The video shows how the intro footage of this battle with the boss turning his back to the player and slowly turning to face him was perfectly recreated. The fight begins with an ax and then the “cosplayer” wields a two-handed version, a clear reference to the iconic boss battle.


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