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Elden Ring: Where to Find Jar-Bairn

Patch 1.03 introduces a new character to Elden Ring, Jar-Bairn: here's where to find him and how to complete the new mission.

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Elden Ring just got a new patch, and bizarrely enough, this one includes new content and additions coming to the game. No, there are no new areas, but all new NPC characters to interact with in the open world. Maybe it would have been better to have them in the title right away but, ok, that’s how it went now.

Jar-Bairn is one of the new characters in the game, but you may not be able to move forward in his short quest if you have gone too far in the game and completed certain missions. Follow our tips below to find out where to find him and how to help Jar-Bairn in Elden Ring.


Jar-Bairn lives in Vasburg. It is possible that you have visited Vasburg in the past and found nothing interesting to do there. Well, now you will find Jar-Bairn there, in addition to a variety of rare flowers that you can collect. Vasburgo is located just behind the Cariana Study Room , which you can find in our guide. Instead of going inside the Study Room, you’ll have to climb the cliff and go around the back. You will find multiple tombstones protruding from the cliff, which will allow you to make your way down the cliff and slowly enter Vasburg.

Like many locations in the Elden Ring, Vasburg is almost completely made up of destroyed buildings, but luckily there is a place of grace there, in addition to Jar-Bairn sitting on the stairs of one of the buildings.


Jar-Bairn’s quest is pretty quick and brings a nice climax to Alexander’s quest . When visiting Jar-Bairn, he will ask you to see your fingers. You may need to recharge the area by making a quick trip to the place of grace to carry on the dialogue with him. Eventually, Jar-Bairn will warn you against poachers. Yes, people who steal and break pots.

If you finished the Villa Vulcano questline without killing Diallos , you will see him appear in Vasburg as a new Potentate. Apparently, he just cleans the jars here. You will find him in one of the small buildings nearby while he is cleaning a vase. Be sure to talk to him. The next time you come here, Diallos will be lying on the ground dead after a fight with a poacher. Tell Diallos that he managed to defend the vessels and will die in peace. Alternatively, you can tell him that the vessels have been destroyed, and he will die in misery.

Head back into the city again and Jar-Bairn will be looking at Diallos’s body. Pay another visit to the city and Jar-Bairn will say that he is ready to become a champion, just like Uncle Alexander. If you finish Alexander’s questline, you can bring Alexander’s entrails to Jar-Bairn. A little disgusting, honestly, but ok. Jar-Bairn will be happy to receive the item and will be ready to leave Vasburg.

This is the end of Jar-Bairn’s quest, and visiting Vasburg again will allow you to get the Vase Companion talisman, which increases the damage of the vessels you use as weapons in battle. Diallos will also leave you with three items, including 12,000 runes and the Mask of Diallos , found right on his body. This addition lends a nice conclusion to the Alexander and Diallos stories, while providing a new way for players to earn some loot.


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