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Elden Ring squeezes, but doesn’t drown: Hidetaka Miyazaki has learned to offer his hand to lift you

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Playing a From Software title forces you to bring out your most ruthless side. There is no other possible option, if you do not hit, the enemy will not stop in any way until you are annihilated. This has always been extended in Hidetaka Miyazaki’s Soulsborne , with cryptic stories, convoluted maps and zones that border on injustice. However, the Elden Ring relieves the constant pressure.

You’ve been playing for a few hours since launch and it’s become abundantly clear to you that bosses like Margit still seem like a mountain you can’t climb. It is precisely with the first big boss where we are given a clue that Miyazaki has learned to open his hand and is much more friendly with the player.

Blood, sweat and tears, but I’ll give you a cable

Grace’s closest location to the mist to access combat is just a few meters away . There are no monsters involved and only a loading screen separates you from trying to break the nose of the guardian of the castle gates again. Those of you who have advanced further will notice that this idea is repeated throughout the Midlands, even in the secondary dungeons.

And it is that Miyazaki seems to have listened to what for many were fierce criticism and others understood that it was part of the idiosyncrasy of his works. Elden Ring is certainly kinder to the novice and the seasoned in the genre, bar none. One more glimpse of this idea can be seen in stealth, which is not only good for storming a camp and attacking every living thing from behind.

It is essential to understand that crouching and not making noise helps to avoid areas or enemies that you do not want to face, for whatever reason. They are way above your level or you are sick of having to kill them one by one to clear the area. We can also see it on the map, with the pieces that we can find to unlock the regions.

Far from being an object that is impossible to find out where it is, it appears quickly marked on the world map so that we do not have to waste time wandering around aimlessly. Hidetaka Miyazaki himself explained his vision of the difficulty and the idea that more people will end up completing Elden Ring :

“We understand that games like Souls are often associated with impossible levels with high barriers to entry, but we try to design games so that the cycle of trying to beat these challenges multiple times is a pleasant one. So we hope that with Elden Ring and With the new options it provides, this is a success. In Elden Ring we don’t intentionally try to reduce the difficulty of the game, but I think more players will finish it this time.”

The examples in this line are very extensive. The compass at the top of the screen at all times, the ability to place beacons and markers or spotting scopes to scan the horizon. One of the most extreme cases is the Rennala, the Queen of the Full Moon, which allows us to reconfigure our attributes if we are not satisfied or have made a mistake in scaling our level. Many cases like these are inconceivable in previous Soulsborne.

You don’t miss a comma of the story

Yes, we’ve all been through Bloodborne , Dark Souls , and whatnot, but we haven’t always been aware of the story. With its pluses and minuses, the plots raised by Miyazaki are very rich in lore , character construction and offer a really attractive context. Even so, the person in charge has insisted on occasions in making it more difficult to follow the thread of what is happening.

In Elden Ring it is practically impossible not to find out the core of the story. The Circle of Elden, the Lightless, the demigods and countless other characters provide you with the necessary information. This is the end of entering the inventory to read the description of the objects. Yes, there are some that give a few more strokes of plot, but the real weight as narrators is carried by beings like Hegw, Roderika or a source of knowledge as great as Sir Gideon Ofnir.

As if that were not enough, the scenarios really show the past and the consequences of what has happened in the Middle Lands . The places of Grace show you with their trails of light which is the path to follow and you decide whether to pay attention to them or not. You may meet an unexpected NPC, who does not have to be key to understanding the plot, but adds that pinch of salt to a world that has three endings and does everything possible for you to meet him.

This is still a Souls

Be careful, despite everything mentioned, here you are going to eat a huge string of slaps. Elden Ring demands a lot from the player, I don’t discover anything, but it uses some organic difficulty to get you comfortable. Do you want to enter that fortress? Go head-on and against the posted troops or go around the walls until you find an entrance.

Is that boss very difficult? Summon an ally or go bare chested by yourself against him. Every path you choose in Elden Ring is your own choice and we will all end up at the same point. None is easy, but at From Software they have understood that not everything has to be a bottleneck for the community. The depth of his world is also understood when opening the range of possibilities.

The spirits that you can summon follow this discourse, as they are so vital in combat that you will greatly appreciate having a pack of wolves supporting you or secondary bosses, directly. Elden Ring is still that tough, steady, impassive -looking master, but this time he bends down to pick you up every time you trip over the same stone.


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