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Elden Ring: Magical Swordsman PVE Build Guide

One of the best builds to beat all the bosses of Elden Ring with ease is that of the Magical Swordsman: here's how to assemble it.

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Elden Ring is a game with seemingly limitless potential, and while combining magical abilities with swift sword strikes is usually a go-to option in most RPGs, it works perfectly here. The key to unlocking the potential of this build lies in the Lunavelata, a katana that scales incredibly well with dexterity but also with intelligence. By emphasizing your intelligence stat, you can also add a stirrup as a secondary weapon and cast powerful magical spells.

More experienced PVP enemies are already looking into ways to counter this build, but it remains incredibly powerful and can absolutely carry you through most of the game, especially if you have the Ash Summon of Reflected Tear by your side. Read on to find out how to put together one of the most powerful builds in the game.


The main components you will need for the endgame-ready Magic Swordsman build are as follows:

  • Right hand: Lunavelata
  • Left hand: Royal Carian Scepter, Silver Mirror.
  • Head: Demon (Cat) Head / Bisavio’s Stonefire Mask
  • Body: –
  • Hands: –
  • Feet: –
  • Talismans: Cerulean Amber Medallion, Arsenal Amulet, Astrologer’s Heirloom, Carian Filigree Coat of Arms
  • Portentous Balm: Nodule-Intelligence Crystal Tear

The only truly essential piece for this build is the Moonlight katana . The other pieces can be changed if you do not meet all the necessary requirements in terms of statistics: for example, the Royal Carian Scepter indicated for the off hand can be exchanged for the Meteorite Staff , and as a shield you can opt for a simpler Knight’s Shield Cariano.

You can get around not having the 60 INT required for the Carian Royal Scepter – and the 70 INT required for spells like Rennala’s Full Moon – with talismans that add points in this specification. The Astrologer’s Heirloom offers 5 extra INTs for free, and the same goes for pieces of equipment in various parts of the body (especially the helmet): the Demon Head (Cat) can offer 2 extra INTs, even if the Mask by Scintipietra del Bisavio offers 6 extra INTs, making it much more suitable.

Once you reach the 70 intelligence milestone, you can focus on leveling your dexterity, which will make your sword attacks even more powerful than they are. The other pieces of armor in this build don’t matter much, but you should give yourself as much defense and stamina as possible to be able to survive the toughest encounters. The Arsenal Amulet Talisman gives you the ability to wear more gear while maintaining a medium speed roll with heavy armor and magical attacks.

Finally, the Nodule-Intelligence Crystal Tear in the Portentous Balm vial will give you +10 Intelligence, giving you a huge buff of ability power in the most complicated encounters.

Below are the basic stats for this equipment:

  • Strength: 12
  • Dexterity: 18
  • Intelligence: 60
  • Faith: 0
  • Arcane: 0

Strength really has no impact on your potency here, while Dexterity is important to your Moonlight and should be prioritized once you reach Intelligence 70. The other points should be spent on Stamina, Mind and Fortitude. You should have enough health to survive the hardest hits, more Stamina than can be filled with a single Cerulean Vial, and enough stamina to give you a little more leeway with the armor of your choice.


The core of this build revolves around Moonlight and its special ability. This weapon’s ability, the Transient Moonlight, works like that of the Uchigatana , but once drawn it will emit a full moon blade that will travel a long distance with its powerful version. You can use it to keep a good distance and still do a lot of damage to enemies. Since weapon skill is essential to this build, you should hold your skillless staff or shield in your free hand.

Just because this blade is long-range doesn’t mean you should use it from a distance, though. If you are close enough to hit the opponent with the main sword, you will do extra damage and take out a lot more easily, which will give you an opportunity for a critical hit. However, just using the bosses on the ground for your strongest hits rather than opting for a critical hit is a good idea, since the weapon ability does a lot more damage than your sword without magic buffs.

If you have enough time to charge the attacks, keep the Comet of Azur option in mind. By choosing this option, it will be important to have something that distracts the bosses, such as a Summoning of the Reflected Tear Ash level .

This build is incredibly powerful in Elden Ring. Together with a Reflected Tear, and with the same skillset and with these weapons, you can beat even the most powerful bosses in the game with ease. Use your weapon skill often and make sure you have your stamina to the max in the heat of battle. If you have to stay at a distance for any reason, switch to your spells.


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