Friday, December 2, 2022
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Di4ri on Netflix is ​​the usual glossy Italian series

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It had already happened with Zero and then again with Astrological guide for broken heartsi, two Netflix series that gave support to the common opinion that Italian serial products are not able to compare with foreign ones. Now Netflix Italy tries again and does it with DI4ri, a teen drama that brings to the stage a difficult age like that of pre-adolescence but fails to take advantage of even this opportunity to do something more and give the audience a well-developed and well-structured story.

It almost seems that we must always be satisfied as an audience, go on watching one episode after another and never being rewarded with some element of depth or originality in the plot. You already know exactly what will happen from start to finish. Such as? Because it’s all too predictable. And that’s exactly what happens with DI4ri, you understand immediately how the series will end, who will join with whom, who will declare himself gay, who will become friends with whom, who will incur that basketball competition. And with Di4ri, this game of predictions lasts too long, the series, in fact, is 15 epirodes long in which the story is told of a group of fourteen year olds struggling with first loves, friendships, teasing, the first menstruation, absent parents and all the problems a kid can experience at that age.

It is a pity, however, that there is an underlying problem in this series, it is not able to exploit the potential of narrating an age like that of pre-adolescence by identifying the photocopy of a thousand other products.

If the fact of adopting different perspectives for each episode could have been something more, in practice this narrative device fails and does not add depth or uniqueness to the story because it always repeats itself the same. There is a new guy with each episode who breaks the fourth wall and turns to the audience to confide in him but in the end it always falls into the usual rhetoric.

Another aspect that makes the series unrealistic thus keeping the audience detached from the story is the setting, a place of fantasy, a place without characterization, nor history, nor accent. Di4ri is set in an anonymous place, with no inhabitants other than the protagonists of the series and which should be universal but thus loses everything that makes a place unique, that is its history, its people, its typical dishes, the his way of speaking. The location of Di4ri instead it becomes just a soulless background that is unable to characterize the characters, their identity and their growth.


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